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    I’m playing with my friend Vicki. We’re doing the uke arrangement from rockclass101, and the voices from – well our memory, a little video that Robin posted a while back, and guessing.

    That’s Squesh on Vicki’s lap. Just been at the vet… Anyway, the vocals need heaps of work still but we’re getting there. Preparing for the Blue Mountains (Near Sydney, Australia) Ukulele Festival in February.


    Awesome guys! Love the little chuckle 🙂 I sent this to Katie! She’ll love it!


    You guys made me laugh when you did. 😁

    Peanut Gallery Criticism:
    Great presence lynda, you having a blast automatically made me smile. Definitely take that to the uke fest! Your friend looks like shes having fun too but doesn’t want to jostle Squesh. 👍 Your interaction though was great. (My personal opinion at least. 😁)

    Dumb question, what is Squesh? He’s so fluffy looking with the curly / dented looking fur. The cone makes it hard to tell. Hope he / she feels better btw.

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    Thanks Andrew. I’m pleased Katie will hear it. We laughed at the place I always sing the wrong note even though it comes up four times throughout. Strange.

    @becky7777 love voices from the peanut gallery. Squesh is a cavoodle. Apparently the apparently the cavalier King Charles spaniel makes them less highly strung than the pure bred poodle. Here’s a pic

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    That’s awesome! Those harmonies are deceptively hard. Tiffany and I had a good crack at it, but we didn’t make it in the end.

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