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    I’m in the market to buy my 2nd uke- a concert this time. I’ve narrowed my selection but am having a terrible time locating stock! It seems every store is out of stock. There are a number of places available in the UK but shipping is cost prohibitive.

    Where all have you had luck purchasing new or used UKEs? I’m looking for VTAB EL-55D, Baton Rouge V2C Sun, Eddie Finn EF Moon or Enya EUC-X1M .

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    Hi @turbolift. You said that shipping from the UK is prohibitive, but where are you located? Finland? New Zealand? I can recommend a good place in Cairns, Australia.


    Mike at Uke Republic, Atlanta is really, really good. (He sponsors the challenges here).
    I think it only cost me US$75 for my Eucalele plus hard case to Australia. I think that was a very fair charge, he doesn’t profiteer from delivery.


    I agree that Mike at Uku republic is the best to buy from. Mike takes great pride in ukulele setups. Trust me, if a ukulele can not be setup right, it not in Mike store. Also it does not matter how much or how little you spend, everyone gets outstanding service.


    Does anyone play a Rebel Mango uke? I am very intrigued!!


    I have a soprano Rebel Mango Double Creme. Ordered from Uke Republic, coincidentally. Sheer class, with great tone and punch. I live in the UK so had to juggle import taxes and exchange rate, but it came out slightly cheaper.

    Anyhow, my ukulele quickening overrode my patience in waiting for a UK-based shop to order one in!

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