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    Just a fun little question…when did you find rockclass101, how long have you been a part of it, what song did you find rockclass101 through? For me I found it abo half a year ago and it has made a world of difference! This is an awesome website! I found rockclass101 on YouTube and the first song I learned was canon in D.


    October 2017. I came across the monthly challenge (I don’t remember how) and I thought I’d give it a go. I just had a free membership at the time and I decided to work out the second half of the tune by watching the performance without access to the lesson or the tabs. I remember Andrew told me I had inadvertently added half a bar, and at that point, I figured I’d better get paid membership (especially because I was going to tackle a quite tricky piece next). FWIW, the first song I learned was the Stranger Things Theme, and the tricky one I learned next was Hedwig’s Theme.


    June 2018. Andrew’s arrangement of A Thousand Years came up as a YouTube suggestion. All the other videos I’d been watching up until that point were all strum/sing tutorials that were already getting boring.

    I joined the basic membership right away but it was only two weeks before I committed to premium membership. The following month in July, I started to participate in the challenges, too.

    Everything about RC101 is awesome. The structure, the forum and community, but also the variety in music, teachers, and lessons. I love all of it!


    3 and a half years ago I think. I had just gotten my first uke about 2 weeks earlier and knew nothing at all. I started with My First Song and loved it. I was hooked. Joined as premium right away. I’m entirely RC101 trained.


    I joined (?) July 2018.
    I had been strumming for three years, taught by husband plus self.
    Can’t and won’t sing, dislike strum-a-longs but could see that the uke can be played as a “real” instrument.
    Started looking up teachers, but was put off by the singing, the accent, the music choices… everything really.
    Then found RC101, bloody brilliant!
    EVERYTHING “fits” me: Andrew, his teaching style, the lesson formats, the huge variety in song choices so that I can learn and play just what I like or think I need to learn. I have a music teacher in Sydney too, but go to her to enhance what I learn on RC101 eg. She will give me alternate chord structures for my wonky finger.

    First song was the basic “Ode to Joy” in the beginners class.


    I joined in December 2018.

    I had no idea about the existence of a Ukulele until I stumbled upon a video of Andrew’s Zelda’s Lullaby performance on YouTube, believe it was November 2018 at the time. I’m not quite sure “how” or “why” that happened. I’m just an avid Legend of Zelda fan so it probably dropped into my YouTube recommendations randomly.

    I watched it on repeat quite afew times and decided to buy this peculiar little instrument, I’ve always had an interest in learning the Guitar but it just felt too big to me. Seeing Andrew play the Ukulele made me an instant fan.

    I stopped playing in January 2019 and re-joined the website in January this year.

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    I joined two weeks ago after dancing around the site for about a month. I kept seeing posts, from it, but, somehow I managed to see Andrew in a video about learning the ukulele, and everything he stated was my experience, ie chord charts without rhythmic notation. The more I looked at this, the more sense it made, and, after hovering over the “join” button, I finally (and correctly!) hit the yes. It was the best choice I could have made. I’ve skipped a couple things until I have something with a low g, and dodged Ode to Joy only because my son learned it on recorder, then discovered he could play it with two recorders. With his nose.

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