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    I bought a very small and cheap device (about 15 €) that you can stick into your uke if it has a jack output. Into the device you can put your headphones and there is a mini jack-jack included to connect your tablet, computer or walkman 🙂 to the aux input to play along with a track.
    Practically all of these headphone amplifiers have a separate knob for an effect such as reverb, distortion or delay. Generally one effect type per device probably hoping that you will buy them all. But they don’t really differ so much so keep your pennies in your wallet.
    But you can also use it clean, meaning without effect. There are plenty of devices like this one on the market from cheap to expensive. I suspect there all about the same principle. I liked this particular one because I can charge the battery with my phone charger.
    I found it a bit annoying that it is sticking out of the uke, exactly where it is resting on my lap. But I know there are some on the market out that have a L plug or a plug that you can change the position of the h.p.amp. A bit more pricy though.
    It a lot of fun to practice with it. I think Andrew has some Rock and Roll songs out so it must be fun to practice such songs with a bit of distortion. (Distortion is the name of an effect that you hear a lot in Blues guitar, the name sounds like something dreadful but don’t worry).
    It’s also nice to use in the late hours because you don’t have to pluck or strum loud to hear what you are doing. You spouses en children will be grateful.
    Further unplug it after use, because it will drain the battery of your build in pre-amp.
    Anyway, I am happy with my purchase.

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    Hey @jinajupiter cool thanks for sharing. I have been planning a uke purchase and didn’t really think I needed one with a jack (don’t see myself playing for anyone buy myself anytime soon!), but this is an interesting reason. I almost always practice after the kids and spouse are asleep.

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