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    Hi Andrew & everyone else!

    I’m Sami from Bahrain, Middle East. It seems I’m the only one here from that country, haha.

    I’m an avid gamer and recently got into weight lifting. Few days ago, my childhood dream of learning an instrument suddenly sparked back to life. I always had a secret love affair with instrumental music, no lyrics because I don’t see myself as a singer. My voice is beyond ridiculous for that.

    Long story short, I Googled up the easiest instruments to learn and I discovered about the existence of an Ukulele, yes I never heard of it before that. Well I did in a way but I always thought it was just a smaller Guitar.

    Dropped by my local store and tried the Soprano & Concert. Ended up with a Washburn OU2 Concert (if that matters).

    Past few days I was searching for YouTube videos on how to start the journey to be an Ukulele player but most of the videos talked in complex music lingo I couldn’t understand, enter Andrew! One of his videos dropped in my recommendations, I played it and instantly knew this is the guy I was looking for. I haven’t subbed yet as I’m busy right now but rest assured I’m getting into RockClass101 to realise my childhood dream.

    Look forward to making great friends.

    Sam B

    P.s.- Apologies for the lengthy introduction but I just love to write.

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    Welcome, Sami. Take the Beginner courses that Andrew has. You are going to love it here. And WOW, your written english is superb!



    Welcome Sami!

    There are people from all over the world here. Everyone is really great!

    Andrew has a really good style of teaching and the month long challenges are really fun. I’ve only been playing for two and a half months but i’ve learned a lot. I would have never recorded myself either, if not for the challenges. It’s kind of nice to have at least some kind of record to look back on to see how much you improved. Andrew and Stephen do an awesome thing and provide feedback for the challenge entries as well, for everyone.

    I used to game a lot, as for online games, I used to play Rogue, (Man, that puts a date on me… 😬 ) Then Ultima Online back in the day for around 10 years before they sold the game to EA. Then I moved on to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I stopped once my mom got sick and became a caretaker. (She doesn’t like computers or cell phones 😉 ) Then I managed to get injured fairly badly. I bought an inexpensive ukulele on impulse because of a silly song, and found I love it. I found Rock Class 101 from YouTube a couple days later.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it here, and enjoy your new ukulele!


    Welcome, Sam! Awesome to read your story and I feel honored to help you achieve the dream. If you ever need help on the lessons, don’t hesitate to post here or email me 🙂


    @rickeymike – Thanks! That’s a compliment I’ve never received in my life, also English is my second language so I’m still learning.

    – Wow, I used to play GW2 too. Family should always take priority so missing out on games is OK.

    – Thanks, I think I’m going to enjoy my time here. I just subscribed to the members area and went through your initial lessons upto pick & strumming. I already feel much better. I’m glad I found your site on this massive Internet, you’re a gem in explaining every little detail.

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