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    Last week I received this ukulele and I am so happy with it what a cool instrument!
    I had to wait almost half a year for it to arrive.
    Surfnrz, I understood you have the same on in black. Great!
    Andrew, Surfnrz, can you please explain what the knobs are for?
    I know you play the guitar Andrew, quite well as well, this is sort of a mini model Les Paul.
    I can not figure what knob goes with what pick up.
    So far I only figured Volume.
    Also up there is a three way toggle switch.
    I use my regular clip on tuner.
    Is that sufficient or do I need something else?
    Also I want to learn how to use a pick.
    What are these little screws on the comb of the uke for?
    Should I mess with them?
    I tried to bend the string in the solo of sweet child of mine like the G&R guitarist does.
    That quite hurt my finger, nevertheless it was a lot of fun. At the end of the solo I pushed a bit too far and it sounds like a cat meows.
    I hope to understand this instrument better. Thanks in advance.

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    Nice Jina! – Congratulations on finally getting it! Sounds great on Sweet Child! (I missed posting by the cutoff due to technical difficulties.)

    I found this guy. He says there’s a volume and a tone knob per pickup. He also demonstrated how to set some sounds on an amp set to middle positions. Pretty neat.

    The screws on the bridge are for setting intonation on the neck and action and stuff. You probably don’t need to mess with that. There’s a lot to it.

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    Thanks Becky that is a very useful video!

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