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    Hello friends, over the weekend I picked up a new uke with the intention of restringing it as a “low G” option. I was hoping the store owner would assist but due to a time restraint, he gave me a pack of baritone uke strings with hopes I could do it on my own.

    Been searching online but not finding a good video to help walk me through the process… I thought I’ve seen Matt do a video but I’m not finding it easily. So, hoping for some help on a video that explains… 1. how to re-string a uke in general. 2. what gauge of string is best for that low G and hopefully it was included in this pack of baritone uke strings I was provided.

    And, I’d be really surprised if I’m the first person asking for a tutorial on this so I’d also like to pass along a recommendation to make a tutorial like this easy to find along with all the great “low-g” tunes rock class 101 provides. Thanks in advance everyone! Take care and be safe out there!


    We included this video in our Beginner’s Course. It’s the best one I’ve seen to date.

    As far as your uke, is it a baritone ukulele or tenor? I’m assuming it’s the latter as baritone uses a different tuning. In that case, you’d want to pick up a pack of low G strings. I use Aquila’s. They don’t sell them by “gauge” like guitar strings do, but by scale length (soprano/concert/tenor).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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