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    Hi guys!

    Happy Friday and I hope you’re all doing well!
    I’m a new member currently living in Washington DC. I’m really excited to join the community.

    Are we allowed to request songs for Andrew (or other team members) to teach through RC101?
    How frequently are new lessons (step by step songs) released?

    A more specific question…

    I recently saw the Disney movie “Coco” and I’m really in love with the melody from “Much Needed Advice.” It’s the song Miguel plays on his guitar while listening to the tape on Ernesto Dela Cruz. If you know how to play it, or can figure it out on the Ukulele and share, I will be forever grateful!

    If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here:

    Best wishes,



    For some reason the link didn’t post, but you can find it by typing, “Much Needed Advice from Coco” into Youtube. Thanks!


    Hi Hannah! Welcome, glad to have you on-board. I release a new lesson every Friday 🙂 I’d be happy to add this tune to our request list. In the meantime, I know Katie from One Music School covered a tune from that movie. Check her out on YouTube, she rocks!


    Andrew, I have paid monthly for this rock class and will continue to do so. The problem is that sometimes when I access the songs, it won’t allow me to access the tab and the second part of it as well. It says that I’m not a Premium member, even though last payment of mine was on the 14 of March paid monthly. Can you please help me with this.


    Hi Awesomestrings, that should’t be happening. Can you log out and re-log in again and then try to access the full lesson(s). Let me know if that fixes the issue. If you still have problems, let me know what browser you are using and device. Sometimes members have issues with Firefox and IE (now called Edge), although it’s been awhile since I’ve heard of any.

    And thanks so much for your support! Really means a lot to me 🙂


    Hi Andrew!

    Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will definitely check out Katie’s Youtube channel. I’ve been practicing “Chopsticks” a lot lately, and hope to join the competition. I’m still a beginner though, so hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much.

    Do you think it’s possible to play the song “Manifesto” by Victor Jara on the Ukulele? It’s so beautiful on the guitar, and that’s another song I hope I can play someday.

    Thanks again!

    From, Hannah


    I love “Coco” and all the songs in it. For the past several days I was looking for good tutorials on “Un poco loco” and “Remember me”. I would be grateful for fingerpicking tutorial for these two songs.

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