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    Hey fellow RC101 members!

    I recently got myself a new pair of Ukulele strings and it took some time to get them all replaced since it was my first time.

    Anyhow, I’ve successfully managed to replace and tune them but I’m not sure if they sound right? Just want to confirm with the professionals 😉

    I’ve got a tuner so all the 4 strings are tuned to a GCEA tuning but I’m not sure if the octave is OK. I’ve attached a recording in this post.

    The attachment isn’t working so I recorded a blank YouTube video:-

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    Sounds right to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    If it wasn’t the right octave, the strings wouldn’t be at the right tension. You wouldn’t be able to string it too high because they would likely break before you got to an octave higher, and if you had it too low, you’d know from the floppiness of the tension.

    Standard tuning should be G4-C4-E4-A4. Some chromatic tuners might show the octave. Also remember to have it on 440 HZ (standard pitch).


    Sounds good! 🙂


    Oh alright! I was just confused as the strings keep getting off tune every few minutes, I thought I had them incorrectly tuned. Thanks for the replies Kanae and Andrew 😊 back to learning new songs then, sadly I missed out on this month’s challenge as it was so hectic getting the new strings locally and online orders are far worse in shipping.

    Yeah I feared it might break if I tightened it further, those are good points to know for the future, thanks again Kanae.

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    That’s normal for new strings to need frequent tuning before they become stable. It usually takes a week or two of constant tuning before they’re properly stretched and it’s normal if you can’t even get through one song before they start going out of tune at first.


    I decided to put a set of Aquilla reds on my new uke. Talk about constant tuning! I found that tuning them a little sharp before you go to bed is helpful, but only a little bit.


    They are really good when they settle in though.

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