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    Hi, I’ve been doing some research for a low g ukulele and the one I seem to like the most is a Ohana Tk70R. It’s a tenor with spruce top with rosewood back and sides. I’ve only heard good things about this uke on YouTube and other sources. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play one and there don’t seem to be any stores that carry this brand near me. Should I take the risk that I like it and order it from uke republic? And has anybody ever played an Ohana uke? Any answers are greatly appreciated:)


    Mike at Uke Republic will be able to answer any of the questions you may have and give you his professional opinion. If you want to hear it, maybe he’d be willing to do a video call? Email him at mikem@ukerepublic.com and tell him you’re with Rock Class 101. I’ve emailed him before with similar questions and he’s super friendly and helpful!


    Ohanas are quality ukes. I have an Ohana Concert mahogany that I really like.

    I second kanae’s advice, and I like the idea of a video call. Maybe Mike could also so play it along similarly priced ukes so you can compare and contrast. Granted the sound channeled through any device’s speaker may not be the best, at least you’d get the gist of how an instrument sounds.


    If you give him criteria of what you’re looking for, he’ll definitely be able to give you comparable ukes in a similar price range to help you can make an informed decision (unless you’re hard set on that Ohana). In any case, if they carry it, you know it’ll be a quality uke and will come set up for optimal playability.

    Good luck!


    Thank you guys for your advice!


    I have an Ohana concert quilted eucalyptus (my eucalele) which I love, it is one of my top two.
    And I have recently ordered an Ohana long neck soprano.
    Both from Mike at Uke Republic.
    They are very good ukes, and do come with a set up from Mike.
    However… my eucalele required a second setup for my requirements for finger style playing…
    and then further bridge adjustment because the bridge had been placed incorrectly so the A string was always out of tune no matter what I did, plus a third setup to balance the repair.
    And this was one of their top price instruments!!!
    But now… it is perfect 👌, so worth it in the long run.
    I will be getting a full setup for the soprano when it arrives as I find store setups are for strumming only, and really don’t work with my fingerstyle playing (or I don’t work with the setup ;D ).

    But really, they are pretty good mid range instruments.


    I have an Ohana 35G all-solid mahogany concert, and it’s my favourite ukulele. I like it even better than my all-solid koa uke that cost 3x the price. My Ohana rings out like a bell, and the tone is beautifully clean and clear. Plays really well with both fingerstyle and strumming. (My koa uke sounds beautiful when strummed, but it’s a bit muddy when fingerpicked, and I’m mostly a solo fingerstyle player). My Ohana was professionally set up and bought from a reputable dealer. Like others have mentioned, the setup is important.

    I also thought I’d mention that Ohana is a brand with a good reputation, especially with mid-range ukes, and that spruce/rosewood is considered a great tonewood combination. So it doesn’t sound like you would go too far wrong with the one you’re interested in.

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