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    It’s my participation with the 4/4 Waltz.

    even if I slowed down the tempo my notes at the top of the neck are really bad….


    This was my choice for the February challenge. Fly Me to the Moon. I kept it slow. I love the Diana Krall version.


    Lover’s March


    Premium member.

    This is my entry to February’s challenge.
    First, thank you @Andrew, for your advice on playing the Dm, I think I would have injured myself trying Matt’s finger stretching technique.

    I still need a bit of work, but I wanted to get this in early this week. Biggest issue in this recording is I missed the chucks in the chorus. I do have another recording where I add in the chucks, but my timing is all over the place, so this is the better recording.


    Hi RC101!

    I had so much fun learning and recording both melody and rhythm for the exquisite Valse Venezolano by Antonio Lauro. Thanks @Andrew for a beautiful duet arrangement!

    The biggest challenge was bringing it up to a speed of 100% (so fast!!) as some parts were getting muddled, but here it is finally! First time experimenting with a side by side editing. Not as hard as I had anticipated.

    Loving everyone’s submissions so far!

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    I’ve been working on the Tennessee Waltz since January. After I listened to Matt Carlson’s version on RockClass101 I was determined to try it even though I think it’s one of the more challenging songs I’ve worked on so far. I finally got it memorized but have to work a little harder getting rid of phantom notes like what you hear when I lift my fingers off strings.



    This month I tried Baldur’s Gate.

    I am a premium member.

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    Kicking it old school this time!


    Um, “have fun” and “free for all” were calling. I have given it a proper go despite all the effects, I promise (voice effect isn’t the best).
    It’s an advanced song and I’ve not completed it so need to be excluded from the prize draw @Andrew, thanks.


    @shmu88 – Wow, Sam! First off, I’m honored that you choose my original out of all of the tunes we’ve done. And thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

    Rhythm wise, you aced it! Nice tight playing and great groove lockin’ in w/ the band! That solo was extremely impressive! Going off the bar #’s in SoundSlice, measure 64 – amazing job! That was the hardest bar in the entire tune IMO. Great job on that! Everything before that was solid, the only part I’d work on tightening is the timing of the section that happens after that crazy lick, bars 65-68. Evan did some crazy syncopated stuff there. Try looping just that section in SS to tighten it up.

    – I thought you played it beautifully Clem! I was really impressed with your performance, it’s crazy how fast you are improving. This is not an easy song to play and you did it justice!

    One thing I would work on is eliminating string noise when switching between chords. For example, in the video below, I play bars 13-15. You can hear no unwanted open strings ringing as I switch between chords. Watch my left hand, and then go back and watch yours in that section. Notice how minimal my movement is and how precise it is. I move like a surgeon’s blade (this is me being tongue-in-cheek, lol), precisely and perfectly each time. This is one thing you can work towards. However, you’ll have to practice at a much slower tempo to establish the muscle memory of moving between each chord perfectly.

    Another trick I use can be seen at the end of bar 14 going into 15. Here, we move from a barre chord to mostly open strings. In-between the bars, I use the palm of my right hand to touch the strings to mute them, ensuring a clean transition when lifting up from the barre.

    – That was super fun to listen to, Kathy! I really enjoyed your take on it. I’ll have to check out Diana’s take, I haven’t heard it yet.

    – Awesome job, Anne! You nailed the playful feel. Only thing I’d work on is keeping the tempo steady when you transition to the chord section and the pull-off run up.

    – That was an awesome take, Jed! Great feel throughout. I do have one area for you to look into.

    If you think of the chorus as 2 bar phrases, it sounds like the end of the second bar is trippin you up a lil bit with the timing. I hear you playing 2 quarter note hits, which means the very last 8th note strum got moved to the next measure, instead of tie-ing into the next measure. Try looping those bars (12-15) in Soundslice and just singing it out-loud alongside Matt, then jump in and play it with him on uke.

    – That was amazing, Marianne! I shared your performance on our social media today 🙂

    – I think the hardest thing about this tune is playing it with the correct feel – the swing! And you aced that! Overall, your fingerpicking sounded wonderful. I would just keep practicing at a slower tempo and working towards keeping everything perfectly paced. It sounds like you are going at your max tempo, while some sections are perfect, others sound like they are not quite ready for that tempo yet.

    Keep up the excellent work, I’m very impressed w/ your performance.

    – Bravo Linda, great performance! And TY again for requesting this tune 🙂

    I only have one opinion. Starting on measure 9 and over the next few bars, you can really hear Matt dig in and play with more umph! I think that brings a really cool dynamic change to the intro and that’s the only thing I’d add to your performance.

    – I love how playful your take on this tune was! Super fun to listen to Sara! I really enjoyed it 🙂

    – Loved it! Listening to it made me feel like it was Halloween 🎃


    Thanks @Andrew 🙂


    Thanks, Andrew! I was so happy to see it included and loved the arrangement!



    @Shmu88 lovely take! That Uke you are playing looks gorgeous. What is it?


    Thanks Andrew! It’s an irresistibly fun song and performance by Christopher, I had to do it. I’m sure I hit the ah-hoos the funky voice filter didnt quite show then it died off at the end haha.


    Hello all,
    I chose Ain’t No Sunshine because I love anything on Rock Class 101 with a backing track! Thanks!

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