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    Thanks, Rickeymike I like your video and I can see your progress too. You are so persistent and enthusiastic!


    Hey Andrew,
    Try this link



    Ok so crazy busy month lol. I didn’t get to practice this one a whole lot but here it is 🙂 thanks so much for this opportunity Andrew! Everyone’s videos are sounding great! Y’all keep up the great work 🙂


    still got to work on dissociating the thumb from the other fingers — don’t always get the backbeat tap to sound consistently (did try the helpful exercises in the additional video lesson but obviously need more practice 😛 )…notice, too, that the only way i can get the knuckle of my thumb to make contact with the body of the uke, i have to bend my thumb. got some advice?
    kind of finger fumbling with the triplets

    thaaaank you


    Overall we had 23 members participate in this month’s challenge! And guys, I know I sound like a broken record, but it is so cool to see everyone come together and support each other as a community and to challenge ourselves to get better! Bravo to everyone who participated 🙂

    Our August challenge is LIVE and the theme is “Swing Your Rhythm”! There’s also a really cool prize for August! You can check out the new challenge here:

    So without further ado, the winner of this month’s challenge is **drum-roll**


    This is super cool, because Kelly is the very first Rock Class 101 member, joining back in September 2014! Congrats, my friend!

    And last but not least, I’ve left feedback for all those who I hadn’t yet below. See you in the August challenge!


    benjamin, I love your videos Ben! They are so much fun to watch you play 🙂 I think you did an awesome job with this song. What I would encourage you to do, is to slow it down a touch and focus on playing one section at a time. So for example, maybe a four bar phrase.

    This way, you can focus on keeping the timing and the pace of the music flowing at a constant rate. Because, you’ve already got awesome form and technique, so let’s focus on breaking it into sections, piecing them together, and getting the song to flow smoother.

    But truly great job, I wish I played like you at that age!

    rickeymike, that was some of your best playing I’ve seen! I love getting a good take on the First Take, because the first takes have the most feeling. And you are doing extremely well with those chord shapes, and this one had some tricky chords to tackle! What I would focus on with moving forward with your practice is on the feel and the flow. Check out this lesson for more ideas with that:

    YANKEE – congrats, you just earned yourself the featured member spot in our newsletter this Friday! Huge Improvement!

    Oh and I love your shirt, I shared this video on the ukulele go facebook page 🙂

    jlbross, you nailed that on the last time! I’ll tell you a secret, sometimes I flub notes and punch them in when editing. But, shhhh don’t tell anyone 😉

    surfpimp9er, great job Jason! Friendly tip, don’t forget to tune up before recording. I really enjoyed your performance, it had a great feel. The only suggestion I have is to try not to pull the string down, which you can see happen at 0:17 – 0:20 seconds. This will cause the note to go sharp, and sound out of tune. Try to keep the string(s) straight at all times when fretting notes.

    carollaj, that was an excellent take! I love the laid-back feel of the second Melody. If I have to be really nitpicky, I think the first Melody had a bit of hesitation in some of the movement, but it’s not a bad thing. Just me being picky 🙂 keep up the great work!

    kanae926, sounding much better! You are really getting the flow down 🙂 excellent work!

    cait23, great job! You’ve got a really great base established. Check out our tips on practicing: What I would do is, break it into sections and focus on a two or four bar phrase at a time. Master that at a slow tempo before trying the next phrase. And then piece those sections together. Breaking songs down into chunks helps you learn easier 🙂

    cornishdpt, Cory, if I remember correct, that’s what we talked about last month – cleaning up your playing, correct? Because this month was super clean! And that Tempo was totally fine. Actually, if you slow down, it allows you more time to focus on everything that’s happening in a performance: What type of feel you want, what Dynamics to use. All the things we talked about in this lesson:

    I really think this was one of your best performances, very good job this month. I’m impressed!

    cyberloh, so real quick, a couple things stuck out to me. Watch the timing in bar 9, should be quarter notes. And you definitely want to use your middle finger to play the last note of Bar 10.

    I agree with Rickey, that was far from bad. But, I am an honest teacher, and I know what you are capable of. And I know that you can perform this better. So I’m wondering what your practicing was with this tune compared to one that you killed on, like Canon?

    Anyways, I’m just giving you a friendly nudge, because if you can play it this well as you did on the video, if you take the extra step, you’ll get to where you want it to be. And if I remember correct, I think I pushed you a little on the last month too.

    kellyblackburn, that uke sounds so great Kelly! Great form and technique in that performance, but here’s the thing I would work on, which is a mix of timing and Flow. This is a song that definitely does not have to strictly adhere to a steady tempo, but instead we want it to have a natural flow. So I want you to either sing it out loud while you play or in your head. And this should add a more natural flow to your performance. Let me know how it goes.

    ukulelelady, you’ve got a gift for music. It’s amazing how natural things come for you. Do you have music on your family? Like parents or grandparents that played?

    If you couple your talent with structured practice, you will be unstoppable 🙂

    mayaqatsi, awesome job! I attached a video with some tips for you 🙂 And I didn’t mean to say “sounds staccato”, so please ignore just that bit.


    I love it! Kelly just sent me this when he found it he won 🙂



    Congrats, Kelly! I love that you’re the first ever RC101 member since 2014!! That’s a pretty special title. 😉


    Congrats Kelly!


    Thanks. I’m proud of my title. I love RC101.


    Congratulations, Kelly. Very well done👍👍👍


    Congratulations Kelly!


    love it! very poetic that the patriotic theme month winner is the 1st ever RC101 member :)))

    and hee hee my own tips video :)) — thank you, andrew :))
    yeah, i know what you mean about being too tense. this is what happens when i record, and on top of that, trying to play louder because i usual plink plonk at after-midnight-whispers volume 😛 so i obviously don’t know how to play louder (aka aiming for normal volume) without overcompensating/tensing up big time…will work on it!

    i had tried the tapping while keeping my thumb straight like i see you do it, but the joint of my thumb just doesn’t make contact but the tip-end of the side of the pad of my thumb (or the nail) instead, and that makes it sound more slappy/clicky than a knocky sound like you get (or when i bend my thumb so the joint bone hits the body of the uke)? dunno if you see the angle in the pic…i’ve a pretty straight thumb and if i try to angle my thumb to bring the joint closer to the body of the uke, the base of my thumb then gets in the way. tried rotating my thumb along the length of it, too, but no joy….

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    Congratulations Kelly!


    Thank you so much Andrew!! And yes, My Grandfather sang in a gospel group 🙂 and my family and i have a gospel group and we travel and sing, so i play along with guitar and bass when we travel to sing and play 🙂


    Thanks, Andrew! It’s all because of time constraints and I didn’t practice enough. I’ll strive to do better next month. I never forget this one thing you said to me —— being a consistent and quality player!

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