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    I’ve got a question for all people including teachers that I hope you could answer.

    I’m learning the tapping a backbeat plus melody. I’ve checked the video and can already do slapping but the thing I find most hard is hitting the body of the uke where it’s above the fretboard. I can’t bend my thumb into a u-shape ( A dip or bend in the middle of my thumb), so I use my thumb straight, in order for me to use the top of my thumb to hit the body above the fretboard. The thing is when I do this, it produces a quieter sound, but can’t be loud enough to match the volume of the strings. I’m sure it’s not only me who has this problem, and I know people choose to ignore this technique but it brings a better sound that has more impact on songs that you do.



    Hey awesomestrings, can you post a video? I’ll be able to help you much more if I can see/hear what you are doing.

    And if anyone is wondering, this is the technique he is working on:


    Hey Andrew! Have a practice question. Do you think its easier to first learn the notes to a song until its pretty mastered and then add the tapping backbeat, or learn both at the same time? Working on Havana and feel like I’m having a mental block. I really like the sound of that but for now the technique escapes me.
    Maybe if I go really slow it will click in eventually but wanted your thoughts


    I’d work on 2 things:

    1) the technique itself

    2) the song – just the notes/chords. But go section by section, as outlined in our practice guide.

    You really want to understand the rhythm of what you are playing, that will help you feel when the tap happens, which is on beat 2 and 4.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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