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    Hello, my name is Saadia. I bought an Aria concert ukulele last August. It was about $80. I replaced the original strings about six months later with D Aadrio’s fluorocarbon fish wire stings for a concert ukulele.

    I noticed last week that the neck of my ukulele is breaking off. They’re aren’t any reputable repair shops here, but a friend thought my tuning may be way too high, which may be warping my uke. It’s tuned to standard G4C4E4A4 using the pocket ukulele tuner app for android. I’ve filmed a short video showing the break and plucking the strings. Could any readers please take a look and let me know what they think? I couldn’t find a lot of information online.


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    Good evening,

    Like you I am a beginner as well and from from what I see on YouTube on videos that show the construction of Ukes these are just glued on. You can certainly try cleaning out the joint with a piece of fine sandpaper slid under the neck and gentle rubbed back and forth to clean out old glue and then with a toothpick or even a needle try forcing some wood glue back into the joint and then with a bit of rope or even a belt force the neck back against the body for the glue to set.



    Thanks so much, Chip!!! I tried scraping off the glue, not sure if I managed but it still stuck. Loads of Gorilla Glue and belt cinched super tight! Left it overnight and it seems good this morning. Definitely sounding way better. Thanks for the guidance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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