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    Hey guys,

    I had an email come in today from one of our members, Tim. This question involved timing and playing baroque style music. I thought the question and response could be helpful for others. Let me know if anyone has any questions 🙂


    Original Question

    Hi Andrew,

    I am a paying member of RockClass101. I am enjoying so far what I have tried.

    I have goofed around on uke for a long time and can form many chords. I can also do some travis picking (currently practicing etude 5).

    One of my goals is to be able to play some of the songs from this book

    I would say that I am a beginner on the verge of becoming a novice.

    One of the things I have difficulty in doing is keeping the proper time and strumming.

    That’s why I have tried some chord melody stuff.

    Anyway do you have any suggestions for me on which songs to tackle from your site that would help me get to the baroque music?

    Once again thank you.

    Tim C



    Hey Tim,

    Here’s a video I shot explaining some helpful tips for this song from the

    Video link:

    Let me know if you have any questions. Also, do you mind if I share this
    question/answer in our forum? It could help others with similar questions
    on timing.

    Also, any song on the site would help with counting and playing in time.
    Start with easier rhythm songs like:



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