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    Beloved Husband and I are currently travelling in Portugal (the origin of Hawaiian ukuleles) with our Favourite Daughter.
    And I accidentally found a guitar shop in Porto…
    I tried out the cavaquinhos, and have bought a Portuguese made, thin body, concert size ukulele!!! (I will play an uke more than the fine metal strings on a cavaquinho).
    The wood is acacia, and it is known as “Australia” in Portugal because the trees were imported from Australia ? 100 years ago!!! This instrument is so meant for me!
    The perfect souvenir of Portugal for someone with UAS.

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    Wow that is pretty! Are you happy with the sound?


    It has a nice warm sound, and surprisingly loud for a thin body uke.
    The strings are Aquila, so I will probably change them for Living Water strings when due.
    I found some interesting info about Koa vs/= Acacia (= Australian Blackwood) from Ukulele Underground. Koa and Australian Blackwood are both sub-types of acacia, with differing tonal properties because of the climates they are grown in.
    So, I would expect my Portuguese Australian Blackwood uke to have a different tone yet again (more humid here in Portugal than at home in Australia, but not as humid as in Hawaii). Good thing I cannot tell the difference.
    Anyhow, I like it and think I have got another lovely instrument.

    …and I have just discovered it is all solid wood!!!!
    I was so excited at the shop that I forgot to even look at the construction of the instrument duh!
    So bargain price for a solid wood, beautifully constructed instrument.

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    Awesome miz!

    Love it’s look, it’s unique! With the two knots by the neck, and the shape of the fretboard dip, it looks like a guy singing with the soundhole.

    Would love to hear it when you’re back from your trip. “He’s” #10?


    @becky7777 nope, my bamboo Eddie Finn concert is #10.
    This is #11.
    OMG I have to stop (about 8 ukes ago!!!!).

    I blame Beloved Husband for enjoying and encouraging my UAS, and I blame Andrew for teaching the love of all things uke.
    I take no responsibility for myself because an addict is an addict, and my enablers just make it so hard for me 😁

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