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    Here’s the new uke. Took two weeks to make with wonderful musician and friend, Cary Lewincamp. You should look him up! He has a beautiful workshop in Hobart in Tasmania.

    This is “Here comes the rain again” Annie Lennox, on my new uke. Arrangement by James Hill from his book “Duets for One” Very fun.


    Beautiful @lyndallk! I also have James Hill’s Duets for One but haven’t tried any songs in it yet. Perhaps it is time!

    Is building your own uke a cost-saving process (spending time rather than money)? Or is the experience the emphasis?


    So impressed, Lyndal. Construction and playing. Sounds so good.


    Beautiful sounding and looking uke lynda!
    💖 That’s cool you stuck with local Tasmania materials too.
    Great playing on rain!


    Wow! Beautiful uke and great sound. Amazing that something so pretty could be made in 2 weeks.


    That’s so cool!


    What beautiful crystal clear sound and great playing!
    Thanks fir sharing.


    So great!


    Thanks for all the kindness uke family! I do like the sound of this uke. Thank goodness!!!

    @nthibode at first I wasn’t interested in building a uke. A mutual friend of mine and Cary kept encouraging me. Then I went to concert of his three sons and one had his home made bass. He said there’s nothing like playing an instrument you’ve made. Then I got interested. But it took about three years to get a good time and it cost a really lot of money. All that expertise, timber, use of machinery and tools and turns out the undivided attention of a great instrument maker. For me it was worth every penny. And I understand how ukes (and guitars) work and are built so much better now.

    By the way I love “duets for one”. Some are quite hard but so satisfying. I’ve only really done this one and summertime.

    @recdog. It was very intensive and about 8 hours a day. And actually I was slow so we needed a few hours on a couple of extra days.


    That turned out beautifully!

    @nthibode – It’s certainly not cheap but depending on how good you are, you will probably end up with an instrument for less than you would pay for a good custom or a K brand. Lyndalls is absolutely beautiful by the way. Then it’s just a matter of whether you can spend 2 weeks away from work. You would also need to factor in accommodation expenses and air fares if you were doing it away from home like Lyndall did. It would be much easier for me because Cary lives down the road, but I just can’t afford to take 2 weeks off work.


    What an amazing thing to do!!!
    It is beautiful Lyndall.

    I think it needs an Australian Aboriginal rag print Uke strap to finish it off:


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    Beautiful, Lyndall. The music & the ukulele! Awesome!


    @robinboyd – a retirement project then, perhaps?

    Thanks for the response! I can imagine it being a very rewarding experience.

    As a side note James Hill and his wife performed in my hometown last year. It was awesome!

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    wow! lovely instrument and impressive playing! Congrats on your new uke, Lyndall.


    Thanks Sarah, Anne, nthibode!

    Mistaken they’re gorgeous stars for sure.

    It was a retirement project. Luckily I used to live in Tasmania and have a lot of places to stay for 3 weeks. But it is a long time for sure.

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