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    Hi Andrew,

    I was hoping you could give me some feedback. Not on my playing, but on whether I’m taking the right approach to adapt Zelda’s Lullaby for the Low G.

    The approach I took is where I felt the G string was played as part of a filler arpeggio, I played the arpeggio starting on the G string rather than the C string, and where I felt it was part of the melody, I played the note on the E string. Taking that approach, Melody A sounds like this:


    Sounds exactly as it should. Great job on adapting it!

    Side note: I really should do another video game tune soon, some of them are so beautiful, like this one 🙂


    Such a beautiful piece on lowG!


    Thanks. I’ll continue in that vein then. 🙂

    As for other video game songs, if it’s a late ’90s or early ’00s game then I might know it, but more recent than that and I would struggle. I’m getting old… Maybe something from Final Fantasy X?

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    So, funny story, we thought it might be fun to play Zelda’s Lullaby as a duet with an ocarina, which I thought we had in the cupboard. Tiffany got it as a souvenir of when she lived in Kazakhstan. Anyway, we got it out to have a play with last night and it turns out that it’s not a regular ocarina but a traditional Kazakh instrument called a saz-syrnai. It’s also tuned to Bb. Anyway, even though Zelda’s Lullaby is in G, we found that if we detuned the uke to Bb (which I think puts Zelda’s lullaby in F?) the melody line of Melody A should be playable on the saz-syrnai (as long as it has the range, which I’m still not sure about), so it just might work. This is the rabbit hole that I’ve been going down over the last day or so. Time to actually do some work.

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    aaaaaand, we were totally unable to repeat those notes when we tried today. Oh well.

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