“Haunted Uke” – Rock Class 101

Below is the lesson for “Haunted Uke” by Rock Class 101.

Helpful Tips

In this piano and ukulele duet, you’ll learn a haunting melody that’s played alongside a rich, harmonic backdrop. The ukulele part is easy in the aspect that you’re playing a single note melody throughout the entire piece. But, there are a couple things that make it a bit tricky to play.

The first tricky element is the use of 4 techniques to add flourish, or color, to the melody notes. These 4 techniques are: slides (taught in our Beginner’s Course), hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibrato.

The second tricky element is that parts of the melody become syncopated. This means that the rhythmic hits are played on the off-beats. Therefore, our focus in the lesson will be on understanding where the hits fall in the measures. This is definitely a piece that you want to count [rhythms] out loud as you play. If you are new to rhythmic notation, start with this lesson; but the best way to really understand rhythm and timing is by learning to read standard notation.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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Backing Track Play Along – No Ukulele