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@surferjay, I bought the Lekato looper today! Like five minutes ago. It should get here Wednesday, very excited! I feel a bit guilty for spending the money but I very rarely buy anything for myself anymore (other than food, lol).

Also, sorry if my odd and troubled behavior this month affected you or robinboyd poorly at all–the ramble crew. You may not even think about it but I thought about it a lot. I really, really wanted to meet people who shared a love of ukulele (as Wisconsin seemingly is a dead zone for that), friends if possible, and I hope we are still friends, as it is through the site. I just really enjoyed talking with you both and others (gi_gi_ as well) here and I hope my neuroses haven’t jeopardized it at all.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then please carry on. LOL. (Also crying inside)