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    Hey Andrew! So I’ve noticed that when I play higher up on the fretboard, the notes sound a bit flat. I make sure to tune my uke before playing too, so is this an issue because of the uke itself or because of me?


    Not sure if this something you can answer in a short segment and maybe it needs to be placed into several smaller answers.

    I’d like to know how to playback a melody that I hear or at the very least get some starting tips on how to be able to strum it back ?




    Another question; Any tips on breaking down ukulele “strumming” and “tabs” to find the root note and be able to add “melody” to your music.

    Again, thanks.



    Hi, how do should you pluck strings properly? I seem to pull mine up and they slap down and sound dull rather than a pleasing ringing tone. Thanks!

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    Sometimes I make small melodies on the uke by coming up with a cool chord progression and recording it, then I try to come up with a melody to that chord progression and putting them together with my computer. But I find it hard to make the melody fit to the chord progression. I’ve heard something about root-notes and stuff but i don’t really know what that is?
    Thanks! Love your lessons.


    I have been thinking about this for a long time.
    What are the best ways to maintain and keep your ukulele clean.
    How should i clean it, can i let it stay in the sun, etc.

    Thanks anyway
    greats from belgium (Victor)


    Once I tune my Ukulele, how long can I expect it to stay in tune?


    Should a person ‘master re-entrant ‘ tuning before they branch into ‘low g’?


    I was wondering if there is any way to find out the names of chords that you just play/make up. Because i play some barre chords together and they sound nice but i have no idea what they are called. Do you just write down the notes that are being played? I don’t know


    How do I make a hammer on ring out? I can get pull offs to sound decent but my hammer ons are virtually silent despite viewing video instructions. What am I missing?

    Thank you!


    Hey Andrew. Hope all goes well with your upcoming therapy. I’m wondering if there’s any way to incorporate finger stretches while learning/practicing picking techniques? Would using scales be best or cords? Also, which way is best when playing the E cord? The cord kills my fingers and constantly break my tempo when making cord changes. Is there an easier method? Thanks!☺


    So many questions….. But three that are most currently on my mind…
    1. When hammering on or sliding up to another note, how do you give the second note the same volume as the starting note? When I try, the second note is very weak and almost missing, which kills the musical phrase.
    2. Is pulling off only a convenience and it’s always ok just to finger the note (as in your SpongeBob demo, where you indicated may be up to personal preference)? I find when i’m picking a pattern with my right hand, trying to shift to a pull off with left hand interrupts my brain and I mess up the right hand pattern….
    3. Should the left hand fingers be essentially perpendicular to the neck? I find that i start out that way, but at some point end up holding the neck up on the base of my left index finger and my fingers can end up being almost parallel with the strings and neck.

    Thanks, and congratulations on how the website is thriving!!!!



    Hi Andrew, Slides would be a problem me at present. Are you supposed to clamp down with armpit area to lighten up chord hand or what.



    Hello Andrew,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Would you be able to give a few tips and perhaps one day also create concept lesson about arranging the songs?

    I love your arrangements. I would really like a few tips how to make a standard melodies so interesting and rich. I do try to read some music theory but it would be wonderful to get some general tutorial how to do it, what is most important, where to put attention etc.

    Thanks very much!

    (Look after yourself!)


    I’d like to write my own tablature. What software are you using for creating your tabs? Is it available on both PC and Mac?

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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