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    Hi Andrew,

    do you have any advice to get better with the rhythm?



    Hi. What type of strap would be great for a tenor ukulele. And how do I know when I need to change my strings?


    Hi there, lots of great questions and lots on strings! I’m going to add to the string questions…perhaps we will end up with enough questions about strings to make it a string themed vid. I am fortunate to have two concert ukulele right now (side note question…ukulele or ukuleles for the plural?! :P) and I’ve found some interesting songs for low G strung ukes. However, all the low G strings I’ve seen are wrapped. So my question is:
    Does having a single wrapped G string stand out like a sore thumb with a different tone: is it better to go with a full wrapped set or does the wrapped lower G add a more bass feel?

    Thanks in advance! Hope you are doing well…and wow, a lot of questions! You are going to have enough material for several lightning rounds, I think!



    Hi there
    I have a concert size ukulele that has a tenor neck. I am not used to playing in a tenor so find the stretch is slowing me down . What exercises would you suggest to increase the stretch in my left hand?


    Hi! If you were about to turn into an ukelele, which one would you like to be? And another question, less weird: which ukelele brand o type do you think is the best for an intermediate player?
    Thank you!
    P/s: love how you explain.


    How similar are a ukulele and a bass guitar, seeing as how they both have 4 strings?

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    How to do the “triplet strum” on the ukulele?


    Hi Drew
    Why do you not mention how much the premium membership is. I think it is such a good deal you should mention it more in your videos as people may shy away as they may think they are more expensive.


    1. What do you think about solid body electric ukuleles with steel strings?
    1.1 Is anyone of your arrangements particularly suited for such a ukulele?

    2. What do you think about more exotic styles like clawhammer?

    3. For someone completely new to music: What music theory should I know/learn to become a better ukulele player?

    4. What’s the best way to remember songs? Especially over time – I feel like learning something new erases all previous learned things.


    When I learn a new song it seems like I am a beginner again starting from scratch. Did this happen to you if so what made the difference to when you could coast through most songs?


    How do you class beginner, intermediate, proficient?


    1. How to best practice a good and strong volume hammer-on with the pinky?
    2. How to achieve a strong sounding tap with the picking hand (middle finger) – especially with respect to the longer nail? Better try to avoid or to apply the nail?

    I was struggling with bar 8 of “Jesu Joy…” in last month’s challenge.
    The sequence simply does not come bold enough – I just manage to have the tap and hammer-on like half-volume compared to the picked notes.


    I definitely think the type strings make a difference. In my new ukulele there were Aquiler strings and I changed them to Living Water. They give a beautiful sustained bright tone. And feel really nice to play on


    Hey there! So when I started learning on my own, I formed the habit of strumming down with my middle finger and up with my thumb. But the more I’ve been learning, I see most people teaching to do all the strumming with the pointer finger. Do you think it’s important to learn that technique, or am I fine how I strum now?

    Additionally, I see people talking about doing a setup at the saddle or nut to change the action. Is that easy, or even important to know how to do on my own?


    Wow, you guys delivered! It’s going to be really tough to choose 25 questions when over 75 excellent questions came in. If your question isn’t answered in the lightning round video, please keep it in mind, as I definitely plan to do another one in the future.

    Look for this video to come out in July. The winner of the ukulele will be announced in the video. Thanks to everyone who asked a question, I’m looking forward to answering them 🙂

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