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    Hi everybody. I’ve been watching videos for the last few months from rock class and decided to finally join. I’m a new uke player, going on 5 months now (my new years resolution) but actually a drummer for the last 25 years so my theory is remedial… I know, bring on the jokes.
    I guess my question is, do you have any quick tips or tricks that you like to Give to students to help them learn the fretboard? I guess this question could qualify as a 30 second or 30 minute answer.
    Also Andrew, I have been a physical therapy for the last 13 years and want to wish you the best on your recovery. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Just a quick question. What do you like the most/is the best for you.
    Fingerpicking with 1,2,3 or 4 finger(s) at the same time.
    Thanks anyway
    Victor ✌️


    Hi. I’ve just bought my first acoustic/electric uke. It’s time to get an amp – just for practice and playing with my friends. What do you recommend that I look out for? Thanks heaps 🙂


    In the last finger picking and strumming song in the beginner’s course, first ending of C melody, there is an Em chord. I notice in your teaching demo that you seem to be using Form 1 with the left hand. The thumb appears to be at the back of the neck and the hand seems to swivel at the second finger on fret 2 string 1 as pinkie reaches down to fret 4 string 3. My question is how do you use left hand form 1 with confidence when you are playing standing up and not using a strap? With the round shape of the back of the ukulele neck, the thumb tends to slip out of place allowing the neck to drop.


    My question is : Is there a smart way to learn and practice ukulele?


    I notice the songs I have been working on are using high g from your site. I only have one ukuelele and like to play some songs in low g. Can I have a high g string and tune it to low g to be able to play without changing the string?


    What is the significance of the extra soundhole/soundport at the side of the ukulele (near the electronics)?


    Hi Andrew! I am a very new uke player. I cannot figure out how to play chords that involve 4 fingers without muting other strings. Like when the pinkie finger has to reach across to the top string. Is there something I am missing? Or and easier way of doing it? I particularly have trouble with the B’s.


    Is there a way to improve my uke skills if I know the basics of strumming and picking? Or what should I focus now in order to get better? 🙂


    Is it better to have a soprano rather than my ‘normal one’ I am still a beginner and only have a basic ukulele 🙂 also do you know any good excersises for finger speed and accuracy?



    So I’d consider myself an intermediate player, able to master most fingerstyle arrangements with a bit of practice. But I’d love to delve deeper into music theory. I know some basic theory, but my question is how would you recommend I go about learning the notes, making my own chords, soloing, etc. I’d love to get a betters sense of music theory on the ukulele, but I don’t know where to start.


    Does the quality of the strings affect the sound of the uke?
    For instance, if i bought a cheap or mid-priced ukulele, would it sound better with more expensive strings?
    And if i bought pricy uke and restrung it with cheaper strings, would the quality dampen?

    Thank you! ^_^


    Hi Andrew,

    I have a problem keeping the ukulele from slipping or moving when I playing and need to change my left hand up or down the neck. What is the best way to hold the ukulele when playing so the ukulele doesn’t slip or fall when moving your left hand up and down the neck? Thanks.


    Loving these questions, keep them coming guys! 🙂


    Hi, I wonder, while playing on uke, for example, when it is a song or just a melody it can be quite boring without a bass line, maintaining the rhythm so to speak, what techniques can diversify the game? And also, what strings are better for uke?
    Thanks in advance)

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