Billie Jean

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    Nice job by everyone!!

    My friend has wanted to do a mashup of this song with something else for a long time now. I’m going to surprise him by learning this.

    I got a Yamaha GL-1 guitalele with Amazon gift cards and it arrived today! Needs to be set up because it really needs it eventually, but it’s nice sounding and it’s so small! Just a little taller than the tiny tenor.

    Since it’s the same tuning as my tenor, I started in on the tabs on the tab player for it. (Looping small sections of the intro atm.)

    Really fun intro! Pass on the love to everyone involved. 👍

    (You releasing it while I am still frustrated with those harmonic chords for February’s challenge is distracting though lol!)


    Isn’t it great? Way beyond my level but they did an awesome job. Can’t wait to here the guitarlele. Do you play RC songs on it? How do you figure them out?


    Also looking forward to hearing the guitalele. I love mine.


    I can do the riff with it. (And I am learning to bum-ba-de-da on the guitar side of it which is helpful. lol.) It’s tuned the same as a uke with an extra A & D string, so yeah, can do any low G thing or high g thing that can be done low G.

    Action is so high and the stock strings are really annoying me. But yeah I like it. I just need to take it somewhere to get set up when I can.

    Robin yours is nicer. This one kind of seems built to travel around with and not worry too much about. It’s built pretty solid..

    Haven’t started the rest of the song yet, seems do-able for me if I take it slow.

    I’ll toss up a quick recording


    Hey Andrew,
    Slowly working my way through Billie Jean… for bar 38 with the harmonics you caution against using a barre. I am curious why?
    Thanks for all you do to make Rock Class 101 the BEST!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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