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    Part 2 is work in progress still 😀


    Sounds great! Good job on getting the playful vibe down 🙂


    Thank you, Andrew. 🙂
    Such a lovely piece. One of the reasons I went for the easiest submission with the monthly challenge in May…

    You can tell by the hand move at the end that I had a second part, too. But I cut it off from the video as I didn’t like the progression of “C 7000 – E7 5444 – Am 30002” in bars 43 and 44. The rest of part 2 is getting ready, but I always trip up on the E7 in the middle… It either doesn’t sound good / doesn’t ring at all in the middle or I nail the C to E7 but miss the Am chord. Any tips for me? I already tried if I could skip e.g. the middle 4s from E7 so the shape remains the same as Am with 3002, but doesn’t work very well either…

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    Bianca, You’re really sounding lovely on this piece! Honestly I’m glad you’re having trouble on those two bars as I find them the hardest in the entire piece. Here’s a little video with some tips that may help


    “Honestly I’m glad you’re having trouble on those two bars” => I literally laughed out loud.

    Christopher, thank you so much for the video and for sharing the secret of the hidden pinky finger. I tried it now and as you say it will need some time to get used to, but I already feel that it will work eventually.
    Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll be back with a full version of the waltz 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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