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    I’m not sure what to do in measure 35 of Tonight You Belong To Me (4:12) in the 2nd lesson video. The tab doesn’t match the lesson and that doesn’t seem to match what Matt’s playing.

    The tab: e/3 e/3-e/5-a/2 a/5-a/3 e/3-e/5

    The lesson: e/3 a/0 a/2 a/5 a/3 e/3 a/0 (and I know that a/0=e/5 but the others don’t work).

    What I think I hear on the video: e/3-e/3 a/0-a/2 a/5-a/3 e/3-e/5 (extra e/3 played but not mentioned and no triplet sound so I think it’s 4 pairs of eighth notes (and I like the way this sounds).

    Just curious. If I ever memorize this to the end, I’ll be happy if I can play any of the 3 ways…



    I see what you mean with the demo of the rhythm in the pt. 2 lesson. I’d follow the rhythm/notation of the on-screen tab viewer. Beat 2 needs to be an 8th note triplet.


    Thanks — such a fast response!


    OTOH 2 weeks in… I’m the only one who made it to the end! LOL. It’s interesting. I had a private lesson earlier this year with Matt. One of the things he pointed out is that people who have moved beyond the complete beginner stage look at the sheet music and say I can play this so don’t go through the lesson… and miss the fingerings and advice that makes the music fluid and resonant. So I had a “new year’s resolution” to go through the lessons bar by bar… and use the darn tab player (like a metronome, I’ve viewed it like taking medicine LOL – but, yeah, I can see that it actually helps… :-). Andrew — RC101 is really great – thanks!

    PS I’m both excited and nervous… next week I’m going to a ukulele weekend a few hours from here… the first time I’ll really be playing with others…



    Guilty. I try to refer back to the videos to make sure I’m not missing anything, but I start by printing out the tabs and taking them to the lounge room.


    I watch the main video dry once without a uke. Then I print the music. (Sometimes reversed)

    Been guilty of not watching a lesson until I had my own fingerings set from the tabs though!

    My biggest thing was I really didn’t pay much mind to the chord shapes until late last month. (Yes, I know i’m an idiot now) I was using them, but not to learn them as shapes lol.

    You going to the stu retreat Jerry? Regardless you’ll have a blast!


    I’m going to Midwest Uke Camp in Michigan.


    I’m still relatively new to all of this, but what seems to work best for me is to print the music and then watch the video tutorial and make all kinds of notes on my music printout, especially regarding which finger to use on the fretboard. At times the video instruction will go against what is instinctive for me regarding finger placement, but after practicing as instructed in the video, it makes sense.

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