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    Hello all, I’m Nick a recently retired English guy now living in Spain. I bought my first ukulele about a month ago but have had some previous guitar experience so that helps a little.
    I love the accessibility of the uke, I can sit in my armchair watching tv while practicing chords etc.
    I feel that as I have more time available now I would like to take a step forward from a ‘noodler’ to a more seasoned player. I want to add some structure to my practice time, learn what to practice and really start to learn the instrument.
    I like fingerstyle, playing a blues with fills instead of singing would be a main aim and also maybe a long term project to aspire to , like Stairways to Heaven maybe.
    These are my goals, I have a long way to go but the journey is the fun part.
    Any advice on how I should proceed would be most welcome.
    Best wishes


    Become a member, Nick. It is more than worth it. There is Course Work and Concept Lessons that I’m sure will help you. Welcome.


    Welcome Nick! Your guitar playing will definitely help in learning the ukulele as there are many similarities between the two instruments.

    So just about every week I get asked “where do I start?”. To answer that question and two other big questions: “what do I work on?” and “how do I know I’m proficient as a beginner, intermediate, an advanced player?”; I’ve created Learning Paths – a step-by-step guide organizing which lessons to work on from our site to help you develop as a musician and player.

    This guide will come out as next Friday’s lesson, but I’m going to go ahead and private message you the link so you can get a head start. To access the private message, highlight your name on the top right of the webpage. A Dropbox will appear then navigate to messages, then inbox.

    There will also be a video release next Friday highlighting the beginner player. This video is not included in the guide I’m sending you. So keep an eye out for that video next Friday. Let me know if you have any questions on the guide.

    As far as working on the Blues, here’s a link to all of our Blues lessons: I would suggest to tackle these two first:

    12 Bar Blues Strumming – Strumming
    Uke Blues – Blues Licks

    And if you need to brush up on the blues form, check out this lesson:


    Many thanks for the warm welcome. I have indeed signed up for a year, have had a good browse through the site and must say I am very impressed.

    You have certainly produced video all of the tools for learning to play well, all I need to do is devote the time and not to rush things as I tent to.

    I look forward to jumping into the beginners course. The October challenge may be a bit much for me, will see how I get on with the Adams Family piece. Happy strumming all……


    I’m here every step of the way Nick. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it and happy playing!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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