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    I bought a Kala tenor uke about a year ago and at first tried to learn from instruction books – but didn’t make much progress. Taking group classes at Ruby’s Ukes here in Vancouver has been a huge help, although I’m still at beginner level. I’ve looked at several ukulele YouTube channels and Rock Class 101 is definitely my favourite. I like the songs, the arrangements, the detailed lessons, the attention to technique, and the professionalism of the videos.

    I was very excited about learning “The First Noel” to play for our grandchildren on Christmas Day. It looked fairly simple but still a lovely arrangement. I practiced for weeks and even hoped to enter the December Member Challenge. On the final day for the challenge, my wife patiently shot video while I tried over and over to do justice to the piece. After a dozen takes I still couldn’t get through it without errors!

    That was a bit discouraging, but I’m far from giving up. Just need a lot more daily practice – and I’m pledging to enter at least one of the challenges this year!


    Aww, you should have entered! We give feedback for everyone who enters the challenges 🙂 I hope you join our challenge this month and welcome to the community!


    Ditto on you should have entered! I’ve been doing these since the second ever challenge and I don’t think I’ve had a perfect take but my entry is always welcomed. We can’t all be perfect. 😉

    Welcome to RC101! I’m always happy to see the Canadian representation rise. See ya around.


    Hello and welcome. I’m quite new here too. It took me a while to get the courage to enter the challenges, but it’s so worth it. It’s not about perfection either, it’s all about making progress. Please do enter next time 🙂



    Welcome Andy! I hope the grandchildren enjoyed the song!

    I agree you should join in if you want to. Everyone’s really great human beings here, and the challenge feedback is a great tool to focus a bit more on stuff we need work on. The challenges are great to me because if nothing else they give me a solid ‘thing’ to work on which keeps me more focused.

    Anyway, have fun and hope to see you enter! Remember this challenge is a bit different we need to put up an outline? Post by a certain date, then our end of the month post.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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