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    I started your lessons mid-August, and it felt like I was back at DAY ONE with my playing!
    I have been struggling with the Beginner Course lessons, because theory and tabulature were not part of my previous three-year uke experience.
    Two weeks ago I was even in tears over my ukulele, and my failure to grasp what you were teaching, so I put it away for three days… but missed it so much – even the struggle, that I had to continue my practice schedule.
    So my two to six hours per day of practice have come to fruition, and I just want to crow about it!!!
    I can now understand you, I can read tabulature (slowly and clumsily) and play along with the recordings until I get up to speed.
    And now I can add a new (beginners) lesson, or song every two to three days!
    I am so darned excited, and pleased with myself.
    Thanks Andrew, you are getting me to where I want to be: playing beautiful ukulele.
    And now I see that I can get there (and EARN my #8 ukulele which I have recently ordered from Uke Republic).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you – I love your lessons.


    Way to go, Miz! Just out of curiosity, what kind of uke did you order? 🙂


    AWESOME to hear! And if you ever get frustrated or need help, don’t hesitate to ask me ?’s. That’s what I’m here for 🙂

    P.S. Mike says hi!


    Deadbuggy – THIS one.. because it is beautiful, and not brown (I just have to decorate brown ukes so they are not brown any more), and Mike makes it sound lovely.
    Eucalyptus – because I am from Australia, lots and lots of gorgeous abalone front and back.
    If I don’t sound just like Mike or Andrew… I will just have to practice more.

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    Thanks Andrew… I am working you out.
    Usually, I just press pause while I practice what you are telling “me” to do. (Although I do admit to cursing you quite often before pressing pause 🙂 )
    And “Hi” back to Mike… IF we come to Atlanta for husband’s work (later this year)… I will be dropping in to say it personally.
    …and maybe lessons…?!?!…


    Sweet uke!!!!


    Oh wow, I had noticed that uke on the Uke Republic website. It is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you like it. Do you have any idea what species of Eucalyptus it is made from?


    Beautiful uke!! You’ve got this. Congrats on your progress!


    What a beautiful ukulele! Can’t wait to see and hear you play it. Congrats on your progress!


    robynboyd – I have sent an email asking what they mean by quilted eucalyptus, and if it IS Australian – but that is all. Didn’t think to ask what type of eucalyptus…


    Congrats on your progress….and that lovely new uke. I’m so jealous! I’m a sucker for all that sparkly abalone trim. 😍


    crazihippichic – I love the bling too!
    I just hope it makes my playing look as good 🙂


    Hi Andrew!
    Today I started your beginner lesson on adding a backbeat to my playing.
    I have been in tears over it!!!
    I used to play the air-tambourine because that was the only instrument that I was confident with, and it would have my family in hysterics, crying with laughter (I felt they were insensitive and quite rude).
    I could even cause near-accidents if my husband would catch me out of the corner of his eye whilst driving.
    I was that good.
    And now you have me adding a backbeat to my playing… this time I am in hysterics, this is waaaay better than air-tambourine!
    And I am going to share it with you because you should see what you have caused… complete dis-synchrony.

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    OMG that can only get better!


    And now I have progressed to the Fingerpicking & Strumming (Angelo Reyes) class… and it sounded so WRONG!!!
    Thank goodness for musician husband… he worked out that my cute looking Aeirsi concert ukulele is really a Chinese made TOY!!! It is sooooo out of tune higher up the neck that A is almost a B, and I cannot get good sound from it. Darn it!
    So, back to my Kala Tenor which is too big for my hands for picking, and Beloved Husband says I cannot have my fancy Ohana Eucalyptus Concert Ukulele until Christmas!
    Time to practice those stretches I guess.

    …unless I get to the delivery man first 😀 …

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