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    Do you have any tips as to how a person memorizes a song. Perhaps other than developing a younger memory. I tend to just play sections of the song over and over and depend muscle memory I think. After a lot of repetition than magically and after a long time I am playing it. I guess my question would be do some people try to connect the words or actually memorize the tab. Just wondering?


    Matt taught a live lesson on this topic. He shared lots of good tips for memorizing music 🙂


    I didn’t watch the live lesson but i find it much easier for me to learn songs that have lyrics (i know).
    At first i learn the motions and as soon as i got them memorized i sing (in my mind – singing loud seems quite a bit more complicated to me) and that makes it much more easy for me learing a song.

    I believe while singing the song i dont need to be thinking about timing as much which is a much more foreign concept to me than singing.


    @artcrocker – I do it like you do. I take small sections and build up muscle memory.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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