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    I’m looking for a VERY loud tenor uke – any recommendations? it should have a very good intonation, at the moment I don’t care about the price I just want some ideas (:


    Hi Anirbaf – Intonation is hard to tell without playing the actual instrument so you just have to judge by brand quality. Any good brand should have pretty good intonation.

    As for loudness, if that is your only criterion, why not go for a resonator uke? The tone would be totally different to a standard uke, but it would definitely be loud. This is the one that immediately sprung to my mind.


    I haven’t played this particular uke, but I have had the opportunity to play a few Pohaku ukes and I am a big fan.


    Hi @anirbaf … I would recommend my beloved aNueNue Moonbird.
    It has wonderful volume (I have the concert, but Hotmilktea has the tenor).
    Gorgeous looks, gorgeous sound.

    But you could also look at just getting a uke with a pick-up and a small amp.
    We have four with pick-up: Kala tenor low G, Bohemian oil can uke, Fender concert low G and now a concert Eddie Finn bamboo.
    They all go as LOUD as I want ;D


    The Martin T1K is pretty loud. It has a very bright brassy tone – love it or hate it – but in our group, the Martins seem louder than everyone else.



    Looks like Hawaii Music Supply just made a podcast on some custom tenors they have. I haven’t watched it yet but I think he said they’re demonstrating 9 of them in it.

    Might be worth watching for you. 😁 Maybe you’ll find a wood you love or a maker etc.


    Hi anirbaf,

    I’ll second amplification. It will probably be the cheaper route for you.

    From my experience, when I was looking for an uke for sing-a-longs I tried several makes of the solid mahogany ones like Kala, Lanikai, Enya and Ohana. I chose Enya EUT-M6 (size and sound are perfect for me, and it’s pretty loud considering my needs). Yet still, when we jammed – me with a Enya and a group of Koaloa tenors + a Sceptre – I can vouch for them being very loud. But these are quite pricey, so can’t recommend anything not knowing your budget and current setup.

    And personally I think that you’d better get a resonator one. That’s just IMO.

    Still. As an addition, if you are not using Aquila strings, you might try them. They are some of the louder strings. Plus I have a tenor resonator that is loud and cuts through even guitar & bluegrass jams.

    Here are some useful pages:
    https://blog.deeringbanjos.com/ukulele-sizes – more info about sound
    https://consordini.com/best-ukulele-strings/ – more detailed info about strings
    https://liveukulele.com/gear/amplifying-your-ukulele/ – basic guide on amplifying

    More info about my Enya EUT-M6:

    Good luck!


    Thanks for the recommendations! as I said only is not an issue right now. if I find something I like I can wait and save up. i just don’t want any compromises. I’m not fond of the amplifier idea for reasons, that’s why I’m looking for an instrument that is quite loud already. maybe I should try a koaloha tenor then just to see the difference to my current uke (:

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