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    Hi Andrew
    After your suggestion for an easy song I am learning the Etude. I have learnt to play it from memory which was a huge task on its own. It does seem a lot easier to play when you do not have to look at the tab. I am wanting to record my attempt to share with everybody but when I go to record it or play it I just cock it up every time. I know I put pressure on myself to make it sound nice and in time. I am playing along with a metronome at 90bpm. When I play it I find myself thinking why does it have to be so fast have trouble keeping up with it. Should I just slow it down. Any tips on this frustration to get it right?
    Thanks Phil.


    Hi Phil,

    Try and play without the metronome. That way you can just focus on you. Don’t worry if you mess up, I’m never perfect either! It is nerve wrecking in front of a camera/audience, but the more you do it, the easier it gets! I’m looking forward to watching your performance!




    Here is my latest attempt thought I would share it, always goes wrong when I record it. I have suffered with depression for most of my life and always think negatively so it is a battle for me and put a lot of pressure on myself to get it right. Only a few hiccups but I will not pursue the perfect performance too frustrating.


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    Great job Phil ! Really enjoyed it! i play it half slower than your speed haha


    that was beautiful! I thought that was absolutely lovely. We are always our own worst critics, aren’t we? It drives us to improve but to be technically perfect isn’t always the best outcome. Play first and foremost for yourself. Do you have any other songs posted?



    Hi Carrie
    Thank you for the kind words. This is the only other track I have posted that I am happy with.

    I have learnt a few more form this site but not posted any yet.

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    I am sorry I am late to responding to this. I actually listened to it right away but then had a family emergency. In the midst of the grief of that, I completely forgot that I hadn’t actually responded.

    You should be happy with that one. That’s pretty good stuff there. The two things that stood out to me were your rhythm and your dynamic. I don’t know if you were thinking about it but you played the melody voice just a touch louder to great effect.

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