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    Hahaha, you’re looking at a concert and now piqued by a banjolele, that’s the first symptom of ukulele acquisition syndrome. Good luck tomorrow!



    Good Day today, day 6. Got to play some concerts at C&M. Here’s my top 3.

    KALA KA-EBY-C Nice but the sound was just OK. I rate it as B-

    Penguin PGUK 990C. This was sounded good. I rated it a B+

    Fender Grace Van concert. Did not have an id#. It also has a Fishman System pick up. I also found it heavier than any other I’ve tried. It also had all the string nuts on the same side of the neck. But I really liked it. i gave it an A.



    Excellent. Do you know Grace Vanderwaal who the ukes are designed for?

    I’d love to hear you play her debut song on an original Grace Fender!

    Here’s the song that launched her career.

    And here’s Andrew’s version

    I Don’t Know My Name

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    Wow. I’ve always passed over Andrew’s lesson ’cause I never heard of it or that little girl who is fantastic. I guess she has made it big since then with her own Fender. I could never sing that one because I can’t (at least now) strum and sing at the same time. Actually, I not good at all with keeping up a continuous strum pattern. So do I have your blessing to go buy it?



    She is pretty awesome. She had lots of songs on YouTube now. Worth exploring.

    And absolutely, I endorse this purchase! What color are you gonna get?? I think they come in colors?



    You might also want to check out Katie’s review.



    @rickeymike – you also chose really beautiful instruments from Uke Republic.
    FYI only – a banjolele is a fun choice as an EXTRA instrument. It isn’t suitable for a lot of what we learn, which requires delicacy and grace. A banjolele is for plunky hoe-down fun. (Get one too… 😀 )

    I would recommend the Ohana CK-260G above the Kala. Both are excellent instruments, but from all that I have read: Ohana makes great quality instruments for a better price, and their workmanship is very, very good. Both are solid wood, so will have a different sound.

    The Fender is a laminate, but good laminates are good. It looks lovely, and you will look like a RockStar.
    Just make sure you do get it set up.
    Can’t wait to see your final choice.

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