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    You can definitely download it to your iPad. Mine is on my phone but the app is available on any iOS device. Have fun!


    Andrew, While working through the exercises in the unit sharps & flats on the A string, playing exercise 3 gave me an instant flashback to a movie I saw many years ago called Boccaccio 70. Listen to the below short clip from the movie. Does it sound familiar? Or am I delirious? ha. BTW, the movie was hysterically funny.


    I’m not sure what I just watched haha


    OK. I’m still laughing at your response. LMAO. the two bars of exercise three sounds like (as I’m writing this, I’m in hysterics) the xylophone part of the background music in that clip…..I was serious when I wrote the first post but now I’m not sure or not about my sanity. ROTFL.


    Lol. I’m with Andrew, Rickey. What was that? Thanks for the giggle.


    Ok. I’m STILL laughing. The movie is from 1962. One of the 3 segments in the movie contained this jingle playing through speakers on a billboard of a picture of Anita Eckberg drinking/promoting milk (get it?) And it’s played over and over again throughout the segment. The man is a self proclaimed morality enforcer. He get’s his just desserts when the billboard comes to life and we have a 50 ft tall Anita Eckberg chasing the man throughout the streets of Rome. Directed by Fellini.…..OK, the more I explain, the deeper I get. haha. Just watch the movie!


    Hey Andrew
    I’ve been working my way through the reading course. It’s great, thank you.
    I’ve got to Aura Lee and now I’m completly lost. I got that bar 4 couldn’t be played using the fingering learnt in previous units because 2 of the notes would have been on the A string, I looked at the chord chart for other positions and the tab and could ‘kinda’ see why the tab had moved up so many frets. Then I tried to work out bar 5 … I thought the last note/lowest note on the stave was an A but the tab has an open G. What is going on?
    I think I remember you wrote somewhere that you start building your finger position from the G string (or it might have been the A string!), is that relevant? I can’t find it anymore lol.
    Thanks in advance 😁


    Hmm, I’m not sure I’m following. Every note for that melody is played in position one, never moving beyond fret 3. So each finger has its own assigned fret.

    0 = open
    1 = index
    2 = middle
    3 = ring

    Am I misunderstanding your ?


    Hey, I think we are both misunderstanding my ? Lol. Turns out I don’t mean from bar 4. It’s bar 1 onwards, but for the underneath row of music, tab 8,5,5,5 sort of makes sense but for bar 2, tab 5,7,5,0 I read the notes as d,b,f,a so can’t see why it’s a zero on the last tab note which makes a G. I also have a second question – how do you know where to start building chords from, should you always start with one string,eg, g string?


    Curlyuke- (I’m probably sooooo wrong here, so i’m sorry if I misunderstood too.) I just looked at Aura Lee and bar 5 is an F in the space in the sheet music? I’ve honestly been staying away from the music notation coarse like the plague with a sprinkling of ebola and anthrax… So take this with a grain of salt! I don’t know how many notes he covers per string either.

    There’s a few F’s down there though. If it’s in first position i’m guessing it’s the one on the E string? A string would throw it too far up the neck. C string would take it out of Andrew’s first box position I think, into 2ond?

    (All I remember from the little bit of violin like 30 years ago… is spaces in the staff spell
    F A C E, and the lines are
    (E)very (G)ood (B)oy (D)oes (F)ine… I read the staff with those words too so it takes me like 5 min per note while I process it.)

    (Quality qualifications right there for answering your question! Being sarcastic btw. I’d be wary of my answer too lol. 😁)

    Edited to add I was typing and drinking coffee when you posted again curlyuke sorry!

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    Ahhh curly you’re starting to nerd out with that building chords question! Yea! ((You made my morning lol!)) That *not nerdy* video on modes I shared covers it a little bit in an advanced form, but I realized a day or so after I posted it makes no sense unless people had started jumping down the theory rabbit holes… Sorry about those seemingly random videos btw people. I am officially stopped.


    Ahh, yes you are reading it backwards.

    0575 – string 4 to 1. 🙂

    As you fret chords, work your way from 4 to 1.


    Thanks anyway Becky, I appreciate the thought 😀
    Andrew, I think I read all uke tab backwards, I’m left-handed. When I play my G string is at the top and the A string is at the bottom, when I look at tabs it’s the other way round and the A string is at the top.
    I think that’s the right way for me because notes I think I’m playing are, mostly, the notes my tuner says I’m playing, I’ve always done it that way and none of my monthly member challenge feedback has said I’m playing an awful lot of wrong notes.
    To me it seems like tab is written backwards for right-handeded people and the right way for me. Chord boxes at the top of song sheets and fretboard charts are some kind of mirror image madness that I can’t wrap my head around and I have left-handed versions.
    On bar 2 of Aura Lee where the tab says string 4-1 0575 what are the notes? I thought it was AFBD from looking at the notes above it but the tab says open G. If it is meant to be an open A then why is the note so far below the stave instead of in the second space from the bottom, inside the stave like all of the other A notes learnt previously in the reading course?
    My spacial awareness is shocking and I do struggle with whether something is backwards or not so I apologise if I’m being a numpty.
    Thanks again


    So the harmony is only meant for accompaniment and is not taught in the course. The course only covers the melody.

    The melody note on beat 1 in bar 2 is a G note, played at the 3rd fret. The harmony chord (G7) also contains the note G, but one octave lower, which you will learn later in the course in: Notes on the G String.

    The notes are as follows:

    5 (D – 1)
    7 (B – 2)
    5 (F – 3)
    0 (G – 4)

    Which make up a G7 chord:

    G (1) B (3) D (5) F (b7)


    Thank you, I’ll wait until I get to the right lesson and hope it makes sense then 😁

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