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    OMG OMG OMG ! ! !Thank you Andrew and Thank you everyone in our wonderful Ukulele Community!! I am SO Excited!



    Congrats brettboy & Andrew, thank you for kind words. Brettboy so right…this is a wonderful ukulele community. God bless each & every one, dear friends.



    Congrats to Brettboy and I agree with everyone. I am so glad I found this wonderful uke community.



    Congratulations @brettboy !!!
    It is always great to see another winner!



    Congratulation brettboy. I look forward to hearing you play the new uke in one of your videos as either melody or harmony.

    Andrew, thank you for the feedback. The different chime has been helpful, for sure.

    I have a question I have been meaning to ask. For Scarborough Fair in the Intro to Reading course, I noticed that the key signature had Bb indicated on the sheet music yet a Bb it is never played. A natural sign is before the only B I found in measure 4. Is it because the lesson only shows part of the full song and later on there will be Bb’s? I read through the unit covering Accidentals several times but am still scratching my head. Did I miss something?




    The song is in the key of Dm, which contains 1 flat (Bb). That B natural occurs over a G chord, which contains a B:

    G (1) B (3) D (5)

    The short answer is that not every song will use all 7 diatonic notes in it.



    Thanks. I sort of understand. I see why that B is there because of the G chord. I guess the confusion for me is because I was looking at only the melody and not considering the other layers of the song. Hopefully one day it will make more sense.



    Congrats Brettboy!

Viewing 8 posts - 151 through 158 (of 158 total)

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