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    Congrats on the two years


    deadbuggy – so many lovely Am chords. Nice one


    Awesome performance deadbuggy. I like your typewriter in the background as well. We used to have one like it.


    … thought I could take on this challenge, but after a look at what is required from me – the tears and panic say otherwise 😀
    So, definitely not up to this… yet.
    I shall be watching, and enjoying everyone’s performance: Go Team!


    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


    OK, so having this skill is why I’m here. I’m a newbie on the ukulele, and am not talented in any way on any other instruments I’ve ever tried to play.

    The lessons here are very logical, so I think I have a chance to learn.

    Though, my heart is thumping just thinking of recording myself and submitting for public viewing.

    The chance to win this beautiful uku is a big motivator!


    The uke giveaways are great motivation mariainct! I totally agree, and it’s awesome uke republic, andrew, and kanile sponsor them!

    It’s multi purpose though, as terrifying as it is recording for our performances, we are kind of blinded by ourselves and how we are perceiving what we’re doing. Recording practice (which i’m starting to do) also points out things we don’t know we are having problems with.

    I’m starting to record some practice in hopes that when performance comes around I don’t freak out as much. I get myself into a “This is it! I have to do it PERFECT!” mindset. My heart races, I shake, I suddenly can’t play what I was playing semi good if not almost nailing it right before I hit that button.. Etc. I’m hoping pressing record will just become a normal thing and I can manage to get through it relaxed.

    Besides everyone is SOOOOO supportive here and helpful. Hope to see you join in. Don’t be intimidated.


    Agreed, maria, recording is scary at first but It’s so useful for learning and working with the anxiety. My recordings are never as good as it sounds in my head, partly because of recording anxiety and partly because I don’t hear the mistakes as much in my head. It reminds us how much we have to learn-and if you do it regularly it reminds us of how far we’ve come! I’ve been entering the challenges since my second month on the Uke and while I’ve never won a challenge, I’ve won so much in my playing.

    Welcome to the adventure! Any recording is welcome. There is no shame, just support.

    And, just in case you think this is easy for the rest of us maria, FYI I’m stumbling through at 50% speed on Bourée. Shooting for 90 and memorized by the end of the month recording but there are no guarantees.

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    Hi Ukulele Friends! I learned Scarborough Fair for this month’s challenge. Here’s my best attempt in all its pitchy glory. I hope you dig it!

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    Hi all!

    I am confused by the note in the challenge post. “* Note: Some of these songs are arranged as solo ukulele pieces. Those arrangements will not count for this month’s challenge. LINKS 1-4 require premium membership to access.”

    Does this mean that some of the song choices do not count toward the challenge giveaway?

    Also, I am very interested in learning the classical arrangements on uke, but I was wondering if tuning to low G ukulele is as simple as replacing the string with a low g string?

    Thanks for the input!



    Brett, that was fantastic!


    Hi Korey,

    You can only do the arrangements that are contained in the course.

    For ex, the course has a lesson on:

    Ode To Joy (module 2, unit 5)

    But, we also have a chord melody arrangement of Ode to Joy found in the Ukulele Songs Series. You can not do the latter.

    You can swap out a low G, although adjustments to the nut may have to be made. In the first post, I listed the songs from the challenge that do not require a low G to be played.


    deadbuggy – Great job! One suggestion, I wouldn’t do any kind of legato (HO/PO) on this tune as it doesn’t punch as strong as a picked note sounds. Cool ending too!

    brettboy – I loved that you played the harmony! Major props with all the barre chords. And the vocal at the end was a nice touch 🙂


    Hi all – I finally finsihed all of the string lessons in the music reading course and am trying to memorize the fretboard. It still seems very weird how notes hop around on the strings but are adjacent in music… I’m not great at memorizing music but Ode to Joy was pretty straight forward and I used a metronome to try and stay at the right speed. So here’s my contest entry but I may try to memorize and record Scarborough Fair or Greensleeves just as a challenge.



    Nice, Jerry. I can hear that metronome clicking away in the background. I’m still on the sharps and flats of the A string, so I have 3 course units to go before I tackle Ode to Joy without the tabs….and February only has 28 days….ha.

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