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    Here is Scarborough Fair for my Feb challenge entry. I have been playing Ode to Joy, Aura Lee, and Scarborough Fair to reinforce reading notes. I already knew how to read music from a little flute, piano, and voice…. but I wasn’t having much luck learning/remembering the uke fretboard til starting these notation pieces — so THANKS ANDREW!


    Here’s my version of Scarborough Fair. This is one of my favorite songs and I improvised the latter part. Sorry about the thumb only picking, but I recently cut the tip of my index and it’s messed with my picado efforts.

    I’ve known how to read music, but never in connection with the ukulele and I’ve enjoyed the course. Thanks again for Rock Class 101!


    Hi All – I’m Kim and a new member here. I’ve been trying to learn the ukulele for about 6 months.

    Here’s my video … and thanks for all the great content on the site.


    I’m so sad about this, because I just bought a microphone and figured out how to stream the u-bass into it and got bourrée down playing as a duet… but my MacBook will not recognize the microphone in spite of trying all the suggested things on all the forums. I recorded this a few days ago, but it’s not what I would have liked to submit. Oh well, here’s my submission.


    Hi Guys,

    I admit that I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this one, but something is better than nothing, right? Anyway, here is Ode to Joy.

    I took out one of the notes and played middle C instead of high C on purpose. I know that the exercise was designed to only use quarter and eighth notes (I know some of the quarter notes were dotted) and to only be played on the E and A strings, but I figured that sticking in a half note was alright, and that it wasn’t a huge stretch to work out that the open C string was a C 😉

    Oh, and I counted to show I understood the timing.

    I’ll continue with the course as I find time.

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    Here is my submission of Feb Challenge. I reckon the harmony part is very poorly played. I will spend more time to practice barring chords.




    My Bourree. I used a very cheap ukulele not very in tune because my regular uke has the high G.


    Sorry For the late submission. Here is my cover of Scarborough Fair in sight reading.

    Hope you like it


    Ben-nice reading!

    Wong-love how you kept time with the metronome!

    Robin – It’s funny how you changed to the middle C because when I was reading and playing, I thought that high C was a little strange because from listening to it in the long past I was expecting something lower like middle C. Good going


    I’ve been reading music since I was a kid and now teach private music lessons for a living… so I have to admit that beforehand. Lol.

    Here is my video of Greenseeves.


    Hi everybody!

    This is my entry for the February Challenge. I would call myself an intermediate/advanced player when it comes to fingerstyle, but I never really learned to read standard notation. This is where I’m a complete beginner. I used to play a little piano, but I also copied everything from Youtube videos or I wrote the individual note names above the notes when I played with sheet music.
    So in this challenge I was mainly interested in being able to read the notes and play at the same time. That’s why I didn’t practice the song so often, but rather the notes themselves, so that I don’t just play the song by heart, but really read the standard notation 🙂
    I think it went quite well!



    Being February 28, this has to be my final submission. Much in Melody C is lacking but I learned Bouree from notation rather than use of tabulature.

    The music reading course is filled with important exercises of which I barely scratched the surface. An excellent course! A promise to keep learning from your “gift” to us all!

    A big THANK YOU, Andrew & “hello” to niece, Gracie.


    Here’s my J-I-T entry. Enjoying the site reading course.
    FYI, I’m playing on an Islander MC-4 Mahogany, which is next month’s giveaway. Not that I can make it sound as good as it can – yet. I really like it a lot. I’ll try to post up in next month’s challenge with a better recording.

    Anybody else out there happy that February is over? I sure am.


    Shaylee Puzey
    Aura Lee


    Bourree. I didn’t edit this with effects in any way. It’s just straight up untouched track.
    Ukulele is my first one, a purple $12 Diamond Head uke strung with the soprano Aquilla Low G set. I was also using the metal banjo fingerpicks. Mic- Neewer large diaphragm condenser mic. Audio interface- Behringer UM2. DAW- Recorded in NCH Wavepad. 80 bpm. (It was as close as I could get w/o fractions of beats to the 75%)

    I did NOT use standard notation to play this. I wanted to learn it before it became known it was part of the reading coarse. (and I did.)

    I tried to emphasize beat 3. I messed up right at the last note so I just slid into the right one and called it a day. lol

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