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    Well done, @turkgoose, I really liked it!


    How do i know you received the video challenge ?


    Baggy Uke
    challenging “Five foot 2”


    @baggyuke7 – If you see your video in your post then you did everything perfectly 🙂


    One week into learning St. James Infirmary, an immortal classic I will most likely revisit for a lifetime to come, and learn something new every time I do.


    Here’s my St James. Its a favourite of mine


    Hi class,

    it´s been a while but I didn´t want to miss a chance to win this beautiful uke! First time I actually hope to win 😉

    Here comes the sun:

    This was a practise take that sounded postable to me and I thought I might as well upload it and get some feedback before I keep practising it more.

    Congrats on 500 lessons! Two years after I signed up I am still thrilled by the content. Looking forward to the next two years.


    Many congratulations on 500 lessons! I gave St. James Infirmary a go when it first came out … nearly landed me in an infirmary. Shows what a couple of years and some great instruction can do for a gal. Thanks, Andrew!


    joe150 – Your notes and chords sound very clear on this one, and you are off to a great start! I recommend breaking this one down into smaller phrases and memorizing the notes so that you can focus on rhythm next. Try 4 bar sections at a time, and don’t forget about the repeat signs. You’re playing great, now it’s time to take it to the next level!

    turkgoose – Very nicely done! Overall you had great timing and were very close to getting all of the notes cleanly! On the few spots that were tricky, can you play those cleanly at a slower tempo? I recommend playing just a bit slower and getting the piece cleanly over having the piece at full speed. Excellent job!

    baggyuke7 – Wonderful job on this challenging piece! You’re playing the majority of it extremely well! Section C is the one part I suggest looking at slightly closer: measures 17 and 18 have the same rhythm and strum pattern. You seem to vary the rhythm up just a bit, so I would look at those and play that pattern at a slower speed to internalize that rhythm as well as in measures 21 and 22. You’re doing a great job, this will just help to keep the timing consistent on this section.

    misterbones – Very nicely done! Your playing is very clean, and you have a very nice feel on this! Great job!

    lyndallk – Great job on this one! Your playing was very nice, and your interpretation was very cool! I couldn’t help but notice that some of the melody and rhythm differed from Evan’s arrangement, so I wanted to ask, did you pull from other versions of this song for this performance? If not, you may want to revisit certain sections in his arrangement. If so, I’m curious what other versions you are pulling from.

    smokealot – Nice playing on this classic! You have the notes and the rhythm down overall. The only spot I would spend an extra bit of time on is in the bridge: It’s hard to get the timing between repeats on this section correct, so work on this section just a bit more to get the timing to be consistent without rushing any notes. Other than that section, you have this song down!

    deadbuggy – You are playing this one very nicely! There are a few sections you are playing differently from the original, though they still sound good: On measures 8, 16, and anywhere else this passage happens, you are holding the third note out, while Evan plays this note as just an 8th note (no fermata or lengthening of this note). At 0:15 seconds in, you are adding a melody that isn’t in the original, but it once again sounds cool. I’m pointing these things out just in case they were not intentional and you wanted to go back and learn this particular arrangement note for note. Either way, it sounds great!


    @evapaju thank you for the kind words!

    thank you for your words of advice, I appreciate them very much. Yes, I can play it slower, it’s just that as soon as I press the record button, I fall apart. Thank you again!

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    Welcome back Stephen. I always appreciate your detailed feedback.

    The honest truth is the differences are completely accidental!! 😉 Not deliberate, nor improvised (unless accident is impro) nor from other versions.

    I learned this ages ago and played it from memory (!!) for this challenge. I will go back and see where I just went on my own way!!

    Thanks again


    Thank you for the encouragement, Stephen. I take it I should start working on intermittent songs for the next level?


    It’s my submission for the challenge. I choosed here comes the sun because it’s a challenging song for me and it’s so much a beautiful song

    I know it’s not perfect but i didn’t know if I didn’t know if I will be able to play it all …

    And happy New years !!


    @joe150 – We’d recommend working on rhythm. Jump into the reading course. It’s the best way to learn rhythm 🙂

    – Great job! For the main melody, try memorizing it. Then sing the words along as you play. That’ll help you get the rhythm/timing down. Excellent job on the bridge! But don’t forget the extra bar of F (bar 25) after the last repeat 🙂


    Hi Everyone

    My challenge this month is “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”.
    I can’t stop participating in the monthly challenge. It is so joyful. 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Seoul Kim

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    I’m a Premium Member.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Congratulations on the 500 lessons RC101!

    I’m not sure if this is allowed that I’ve added my personal touches on @Matt ‘s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. I played it a little faster and changed the picking pattern but have kept the melody. Please let me know @Andrew if this is OK. I’m happy to record again and play exactly how he arranged it.

    Thanks 😊

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