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    Ok Andrew, here is my video of Aura Lee for the July challenge. Hope you like it.



    This is my submission for the July Challenge. I did Aura Lee.

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    Attached is my entry “Our First Song.”


    Thanks to all who participated in this months challenge! I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow, as we are enjoying a couple days off in the mountains 🙂

    Here’s a little jam from yesterday!

    In the meantime, be sure to check out our August challenge, which is Hawaiian themed:


    Wow! We had 37 site members participate in our fourth challenge for the month of July! I am blown away and extremely humbled. Great job to everyone who participated!

    Watch the video below to find out who one this month’s giveaway ukulele. Also below, I have left feedback for everyone who submitted on the last day 🙂

    krasimirka55 – excellent playing, it shows that you practiced a lot. Great job!

    zukulele – well done! My only suggestion for you is to slow down a little bit to focus on cleaning up some of the notes.

    ramilog – great job! Watch your timing when you switch to the chords, as you sped up quite a bit. So your goal would be to keep the tempo even throughout the entire piece. Also, scroll back in this forum post as we talked a lot about using the thumb to mute the 4th string when you are strumming the chords.

    ukuleleloo – very well played! I love your strum attack, it sounds great!

    theandersons – I loved it 🙂 I can tell the nerves set in a little bit when you’re recording. Happens to all of us, even me still! No worries on the ending, but go back and check the form for the chords. The last chord is played for two bars.

    gmriley1018 – nicely played! Clarity of the notes and timing sounds great. I think your next step should be to memorize it, that way you add one more song to your repertoire.

    jhooddelsigs – Great job, I dig it with the thumb approach.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)
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