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    Hi All!

    I am a premium member.

    Here’s my submission of Path of the Wind. I used the chorus effect with the Flight Soundwave System. While it’s still rough in spots, I thought the effect added a bit to the mystical feel that the song has.


    @TBB For sure you can carry over new techniques and continue to hone your skills. I learn songs I like but don’t always feel like playing them. Perhaps I have to play more often than others to keep them in my head. No matter, I save tabs and other things and relearn/refresh as needed.

    Thanks, initially meant to just post a simple message before it morphed into something else 😄.


    @dianna, I’ll have to post the clawhammer version here, since it won’t count as an entry. I don’t want to lose steam with Always With Me by being already “safe” having an entry with Path of the Wind. 😂 I might be able to post that later today. And I agree about voices. Although I’ve realized how bad my Wisconsin accent is now that I’ve been recording myself more (in my ears at least). Arguably one of the goofier American accents. 😂 Yes, @jbmills07 and also all the Rock Class instructors have very pleasant voices and agreed it’s nice to have that more human element to videos. 😊

    , I see what you mean. True, it’s not a big deal if you forget a song. All you have to do is go back and relearn it and it’s way easier picking it back up then. Also, sorry to hear about your uke being broken! It’s kind of crazy that the whole headstock (?) broke off? My main uke has been through some things with me, having been dropped, smacked and spilled on countless times so it’s crazy that yours got so damaged. Sorry about that!

    , really lovely playing there!! 😊


    I am a premium member

    My attempt on my outdoor Tenor; the only high 4th stringer I have….ugh…

    Thanks…learned something new.


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    @musiclover not sure link is working 🤔


    Thanks…I’m trying!lol


    @The_Bumble_Bard Yep, the headstock snapped clean off. I ought to mention, I stored it about head height on the upper bunk of a bed which explains why it broke in two when it fell. I second Dianna, nice to hear a voice. No goofiness detected.
    Not familiar with “claw hammer” but look forward to it like Dianna if time permits.


    @The_Bumble_Bard Thank you! And thanks for listening!


    @muzikmama, that stinks, but it makes sense that it would break like that from that height! You stored it on the top bunk of a bed? 😅 Haha thank you for saying my voice isn’t goofy. 😂 Even though it’s weird because it’s my own voice, I still notice the accent.

    I did manage to snag a recording. It’s not perfectly smooth yet, still some hesitations, but I think it worked pretty well, lol. It’s only the first section.

    Clawhammer is a technique of playing uke where you keep your playing hand in a “claw” shape and “hammer” onto the strings, kinda bouncing your nails off the strings like four cute lil’ trampolines. Then, it sounds bluegrassy. That’s a technical explanation… 😂😳



    Hello everyone!

    Here is my attempt with “Path of the Wind”:

    Have a nice day!


    @rebeca: Awesome job on a very difficult piece! Trust me, I have so much difficulties playing the song as well! One thing that really helps me when I want to tackle a difficult piece is to practice very slowly (as painful and frustrating as it can be to play slow). This helps develop the muscle memory so your hands can do a majority of the hard work, and playing slower also allows you more time to think of what chord is coming next (since this song has so many chords…). Once you feel the muscle memory is kicking in or you’re not thinking as hard about what’s coming next, then you can slowly increase the speed until you’ll eventually be playing at the normal tempo of the song. Keep up the great work 🙂 and remember it’s always about celebrating small wins, chipping away little by little for any piece you work on. Keep jamming! -Mika


    @anyon1 – That was awesome Adriana. Good call on adding the effect; it definitely added a bit of magic to your performance, which was beautifully played. You nailed the feel/vibe of the piece 🙂

    – Bravo, Mary! Let’s break down each of the three songs. First tune, perfect! Beautifully played. Second tune, nicely done too. But I would recommend memorizing it so you can focus 100% on how you’re playing it. One tip: Remember to keep finger pressure held down throughout the entire duration of the slide. That should get those ringing out perfectly. Third song, nicely done! Only thing I’d recommend is keeping the tempo a little more consistent when you transition to the second chord section (F5).

    – Very cool! Love your creativity 🙂

    – Love the change in feel the second time around the A Melody. Really tugs on my emotional heartstrings. Such a beautiful duet, Lena. Well done!


    @The_Bumble_Bard ….Thanks for posting….impressed by the way you can turn almost any song into clawhammer… it!


    @The_Bumble_Bard Oh I see. Thought clawhammer was nail tips striking the soundboard lol. Sounds banjo-like. That’s a new one for me. Thanks for the explanation. The top bunk is to store stuff only. Once had a TV up there 😄. Agree with Andrew. Enjoying the creativity and different interpretations, including Katazumiri’s.


    @Andrew, thank you so much! I appreciate you letting me share these things. 😁

    , haha, thank you! This has become a thing I like to try with almost every song I learn, a symptom of my CCTS, Compulsive Clawhammer Transformation Syndrome. 😂😅 There might be a better acronym for that. I love doing that though; yes, I think almost any beginner song I could do that with now, which is so strange. 😅

    , I think that’s something else, when you strike the soundboard, I’m drawing a blank for what that’s called, other than some kind of percussion, obvs. 😅 Clawhammer is so much fun, Rock Class 101 has a whole course teaching it and I think it is also a banjo-playing technique. Haha that’s so peculiar, but I guess if no one’s sleeping up there that makes sense to use it. 😅😂

    Agreed, @katazumiri always has such cool interpretations and that one is no exception! So cool. 😁

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