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    Hi Andrew –
    Finally joined Rockclass 101 a couple of weeks ago. Having a forum is awesome.
    But I’d like to make a couple of suggestions based on other forums I’ve used, that might make it more user friendly. (and if some of this capability is here and I am just not seeing it, please let me know).

    1) a search function specifically for forum post topics (so we can see if some has already asked/answered our question)

    2) Topic groups. e.g. ‘beginner topics’, ‘intermediate topics’, ‘fingerpicking’, ‘questions for teachers specifically’, ‘further suggestions for improvements’ (maybe). Etc.

    Thanks Andrew – I’m looking forward to diving in!



    Thx for the suggestions! So for number one, that is already built in, you can find the search bar on the forum homepage, above “Introduce Yourself”.


    2) I don’t believe this is possible. This forum is run using bbpress, which unfortunately, is pretty bare bones. Other forums you may have used have some really cool features that I hope they integrate in the future. But, I can double check.



    Oh good -I had only seen the main search bar up top, not forum one – thx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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