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    Hi Forum,

    if I were to teach the ukulele to children, what would be the best way to start with?
    I am working at a childrens home and my 7year old advertised his interest as well. Especially the kids at the childrens home would benefit from this potential hobby.

    That is why I don´t want to mess things up by teaching to strictly and want to focus on the fun playfull aspect.

    Do you guys know of a good method for that? Is it important that they hold the ukulele right (especially my boy tends to hold it in a very creative way). Do I teach chords right away? Short melodys or songs? Should they strum or pick? What are good things they can practice by themselves?

    When I started playing I just went on youtube and practiced one song for a month, I don´t think that would work with children. They are stubborn in other ways 😉


    I am an old child (Beloved Husband will confirm this), and the important thing for me is to be able to play recognisable MUSIC.
    I would say: pick a simple tune that the kids would recognise and enjoy playing, and teach them one bar at a time (they will probably learn it faster than you would expect!).
    Kids are awesome and their minds so incredibly flexible!


    @smokealot – “Bernadette Teaches Music” on YouTube (led me to believe she) is an elementary school teacher. She might be good to ask for “fun teaching” tips if that’s the general age of your group? One of the youtube guitar guys I subscribed to, talks a lot about his teaching experiences involving older children a lot.. I can’t find the name of the channel right now. (I’ll find it) He might be good to ask.


    If you put a small sticker on the 2nd fret on the C string to make a D,
    and a sticker on the 1st fret of the E string to make a F, you can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with this two notes plus all open strings.
    Depending on their age it might hurt their fingers.
    There are special silicone thimbles to cover the LH finger tops
    And felt picks for the right hand if you want to teach strumming.

    C C G G A A G
    F F E E D D C
    G G F F E E D
    G G F F E E D
    C C G G A A G
    F F E E D D C

    Are You Sleeping Brother John (Frère Jacques) melody can be played with this two notes and open strings as well. Also easy to learn to accompany, only a C chord on the first beat of every bar. So they can sing while strumming the C chord.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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