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    Hello Andrew! Does the size of the uke matter to how comfortable it will feel for me to sing? I am a female and can’t really sing high notes. With my soprano I feel somewhat uncomfortable. What do you think would work better for someone like me, a concert,or a tenor, or it doesn’t really matter??

    Thank you!


    Answered in video form 🙂

    Check out this lesson for more info on timbre.

    Here is our theory course, songwriting course, and theory eBook.

    And if you want to book a Skype lesson w/ Stephen for extra help.


    I have a question on this. She’s saying the soprano is too high for her voice, but the capo will just make it higher, and changing the key will change the sound but nothing will really bring it down because you can’t go lower than the open C (unless low G).

    So does one sing the whole thing one octave down from the uke, in the same key? I hear some good singing with the uke by people with low voices. A matter of octaves?

    Keep in mind I can’t sing Happy Birthday in tune. Still, I’m curious.



    Hi Lisa,

    I think I can answer this. I do it all the time. Yes, sing it an octave low. A good example is when I used a capo for Angels We Have Heard on High. I assure you, I was not singing higher than Katie!

    Also, I don’t recommend putting a capo on a soprano, not because it necessarily affects the sound, but just because you end up running out of fretboard to play on.


    @lisadmh – no, capo-ing just moves the chords to higher voicings (and different keys). This is why I recommend working with someone who sings, so they can identify her range and recommend keys that are suitable.

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