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Different strings complement different Ukes. I have fluorocarbon on my mahogany Ohana SK-30M.

I LOVE this uke with these strings, but when I first got the Ohana, I was really shocked by the sound which wasn’t what I had imagined. The Aquila strings gave it a twang that was so unsettlingly, comically banjo-ish and WAAAY to bright for me. It was very different from my other super mellow mahogany ukuleles – like drinking a glass of milk and then deciding to drink the most tart lemonade different. I was worried to say the least…

But as time went on and I kept playing it, I came to kind of crave that crispy, twangy sound. I also changed the Aquila strings to Fluorocarbon strings, which made a HUGE difference in sound quality and mellowed it out. Yes, Aquila are awesome, but it’s amazing how different strings make the instrument sound, plus fluorocarbon are a little thinner then Aquila.

Drawback: they don’t last as long or hold their tune as well (IN MY OPINION), but I love them on my LN soprano. Funny thing is, I don’t like them on my mellow concert. They just sound flat and dull compared to the Aquila on that uke. However, I do love the big G fluorocarbon on my tenor, since its a little thinner and nicer on the fingers. It also isn’t wound and doesn’t make that SKREH noise as you drag your fingers over the strings.