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Here’s most of page 12:

– You are playing this one very well! One thing that might make it sound a bit smoother is to play the pull off that happens between the 3rd and 2nd fret on the first string in most of the measures. This means your right hand won’t have to pluck the 2nd fret of that figure any of the times you play this pattern. This will help that part sound smoother.

You are doing a great job on the rhythm! On measure 8, after the strums in measure 7, the plucked note comes in just slightly earlier (a sixteenth note earlier) than you played it here. It’s very slight, but you are so close to having it right, so I know you can do it! Keep up the work, you are very close!

– You are off to a great start on these melodies! It sounds like you have them down for the most part, with just a little bit more time spent working on the transition and rhythm change (from 8th notes to 16th notes) in measures 18 and 19 on Witches Brew. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

– Very nice job, especially for having limited time! I like how you swell dynamically into certain phrases and with the rubato tempo as well. Great playing on this one!

– Nice playing on this one! You have a nice amount of finesse and a great tone. And I love the costume!

– Excellent job on this one, especially the opening! It seems like there are just a few chord shapes that are catching you slightly off guard. Isolate those shifts at a slower tempo until they are smooth, and you’ve got this. You have a wonderful clear sound on this one!

– You were off to a great start! I think just taking one melody at a time and practicing them at a fairly slow but steady tempo is the best thing to do at this point. Thank you for playing through all of them for the challenge. Keep working on it and you’ll get there.

– You’re doing a great job on this one! It seems like the only spots where the rhythm/flow of the song had a hiccup was in the bars with 3 strummed chords. Dotted eighth notes are the duration of 3 sixteenth notes, so playing this at a slow enough tempo to count those rhythms might help on those 2 spots. Keep it up, you sound great on this one!

– You are off to a great start on this one! Now that you are playing the right notes, it’s time to memorize sections and tricky transitions between chords. It may help to circle them in your music so you can see the tricky ones coming to look ahead to prepare. Keep up the great work!

P.S. Don’t forget to add the premium member tag 😉

– You are off to a great start! You have the main melody under your fingers, now it’s time to focus on the 2 measures with chord strums and the section between them where the fingerpicking pattern changes. Isolate measure 7 and 8 to practice how long to hold the last strum before returning to fingerpicking (it’s pretty quick!). Then practice measure 9 over and over to get comfortable with the fingerpicking pattern that only happens here. You’re doing great, just a bit more work to have it solid!

– Great job on this one! The improvement from the first to the second take was wonderful! The rhythm from measure 7 to 8 is probably the most difficult one, and you nailed it! Very smooth take, and you got the first one in time for the challenge! Way to go!

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