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    I was just reading through the instructions again and I noticed that the questions are supposed to be ON TOPIC. Sorry that mine were completely off topic. I’ll wait for Andrew’s feedback on the monthly challenge thread, so please ignore them.



    I work on “Stand by me” for the monthly challenge which is an excellent song to work on hammer-on and pull-offs. There are two parts in the songs where I find it difficult to keep the volume steady:

    1. Bar 28: I strum a F#m chord and than have to add a hammer-on with my pinky on the 2nd fret of the A – String. I feel like there is not enough space to place my pinky on the A string because I have to keep my ring finger on the second fret of the E-string to let ring out the chord.

    2. When I have to play two or more hammer-ons in a row on the same string. For example on String A: 0-2-4. The sound gets softer after the second hammer-on.

    I hope my question is not too confusing.
    Thanks a lot!



    This is not a q for the live stream. Just a reply more to Stiny’s #2.

    Stiny- Just sharing a silly thing I do sometimes. This isn’t really ‘fun’ either, but here.. (There’s at least two names for this btw. ‘Trills’ is the first name I found though, so it’s the term I use. The other is more common but I blanked out on the name…)

    I line up and fret my left hand fingers on the A string one fret apart (half steps) then do a series of quick hammer-on / pull-offs (5? Or whatever you want. I just made that number up.) on each finger. Some of my fingers are more coordinated at this then others lol. I SHOULD probably should set a metronome on slow and do the 5 on each metronome beat to be more ‘correct’ about it with timing like anything musical related…

    Example: Start with pinky then remove it after its run, then do the next until you’re doing pointer to open string. Either (/and) go back up on the same string, or move everything to the E string etc. and repeat to get the feel of doing it on each string.

    Other then pretty ornamentation, it can be used to sustain a note..? Past when your uke is fading the note out if you want. You would need to research deeper for better “tech specs” on the technique if you want. It probably has different rules depending on which term you look up too. (Because music needs to be overly complicated and subjective apparently lol.)

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    I had hoped to make the live stream to ask this question but I missed it. I have problem when there are three notes on a pull-off with the last note being open. My uke neck flies out of my hand because I don’t have any fingers holding the front down! For instance, “Fingerpicking Etude no. 13,” bar 11 goes from 3 to 2 to 0. How do you play that and still hold on!? I wouldn’t mind if you posted a little video clip to show how to do this… ๐Ÿ™‚



    Ex 5 in the lesson covers a PO to the open string. Make sure your thumb stays planted on the back of the neck and I’d recommend using form 2 to further help stabilize the neck.



    @gaevdl and get a strap – solves all the problems ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I stabilse the neck further with the joint at the base of the finger holding the neck at the edge of the nut… see pic below:
    (thumb is not quite in the right position because I didn’t have my strap on)

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