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    Hi Taimane
    I’m a intermediate Ukulele player and would like to try learn some fingerstyling, how would you recommend i go about learning to fingerstyle on a ukulele?


    Why are the dotted frets dotted? What makes the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th frets so special? And they are special. You can play those frets in almost in order and it sounds good and musical


    Hello, how are you Taimane?
    As someone who is transferring knowledge of playing guitar to playing Ukulele what advice can you give to make the transition less painful?

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    Hiya Tamaine

    How do you arrange your music? Do you force yourself into finding a melody, or do you let the inspiration come on its own?


    Since I am a newbie with playing the ukulele I have a beginner-based question. What is the best strategy to improve a beginners skills and flexibility of the fingers? Because I used to think it depended on the playing style (strumming, fingerpicking,..),but I kinda doubt that now haha^^

    ps: sorry for my english lol


    If you had to play one song on ukulele for the rest of your life, what song would that be?

    P.S: Brand new fan of yours! People like you remind me of why I decided to start playing ukulele in the first place. Thank you for sharing your music with us. 💙


    Hi Taimane,
    I was lucky enough to watch your amazing performance in Cairns Australia, I travelled from NSW specifically to see you and I was not disappointed…
    Question: Every performance I have watched you play you use a 5 string ukulele, can you tell me why you prefer to do so.


    Hello Taimane! (I really love your music!) Here’s my question: What are a few of the very first songs, written by other composers, that you decided to really master, and why did you choose those particular songs?
    Thank you!
    Brett in Seattle


    Hi, congratulations to Rock 101 Class, the best place to learn music and ukelele!
    Its great to have Taimane here! She is one of the most creative and inspiring ukelele artists out there!

    My questios is:
    Other than a natural talent, what are the most challenging skills and abilities, both technical and artistic, for a ukelele player to master, so he can aspire to stand out like you do on orchestral performance?

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    Hi! What’s your favorite song that’s beginner – early intermediate friendly? (E.g., Level 1 here)

    And can you convince Andrew to arrange it for us? 😀


    What is your favorite classical piece of music to play on ukulele and why?


    Hello Taimane. You are a truly an inspiration, even for whom plays the ‘ukulele far away from Hawaii.

    I am interested in routines of practice, warm-ups and all of that too, but I am more into your songwriting:

    Why have you chosen planets and cosmos as a way to structure your songs? And how do you work in them in order to achieve an exotic sound? There are any scales, chords or techniques more suitable for that?

    Thank you very much.


    Hi Taimane you are an amazing player and a big inspiration so thank you for doing this, so my question is, What do you think are like the 3 “must know” things every ukulele player needs to know no matter their skill level?

    greetings from Mexico 🙂


    Top songs to play solo in the uke and favourite bands?


    How much do you practice?

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