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    I love Taimane of the the cool way that she playing her ‘flamenco style ukulele’ on stage, it gives people a big energy.


    Love the way she interacts with her band-mates on stage and incorporates other varied artists in her performances. Rock on Taimane!


    I really love how carefree Taimane is and how you can see how it translates to hear music and especially to her performances


    Hello Taimane and RockClass101! 🙂 What I love about Taimane is her attitude towards music, her being unique and self-confident, and being that much(!) comfortable with the ukulele when she performs. She reflects her emotions to me when she is performing, and she kind of plays like nobodies watching! I wish I can also achieve that one day 🙂 Really nice to watch her and get inspired by her attitude while she is performing. Best wishes Taimane!


    Like what kind of comment can we leave? One like this?

    This was fun! Thanks Andrew and Taimane! You’re both great!


    Taimane, I love to watch your hands while you play. They are so graceful and produce such a beautiful sound. Quite an inspiration and challenge for me to continue to practice diligently!


    I love the way taimane interprets the music, the way she dances and moves to the music gives it a much more majestic and unique feeling to the song she is performing.i also enjoy the way she puts her own unique spin on classic songs.
    big fan of your music


    Ciao Taimane!
    It’s a long time that I follow your video on YouTube and whatI likes most about you it’s how mix different technics on ukulele and give me key and interpretation about this wonderful instrument I hope to hear you live in a concert here in Italy
    Ciao from Italy☺👍


    My taste in ukulele music leans toward jazz and classical so what I love about Taimane’s work is how she brilliantly brings in those elements while creating a very contemporary sound.


    Watching Taimane perform, you get to see ukulele charmer, talent, humor, beauty, dancer, singer, gymnast, flirter, happiness. It’s like watching a butterfly flying into the room through an open window with silky curtains moving gently in the breeze on a nice summer day, and lighting the room with it’s presents, while moving from place to place, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, the flapping wings mimicing the movement of Taimane’s fingers.
    Before, during and after the show, Taimane is just a pleasant, real, sweet person. Thanks to her the ukulele world has come a long way.

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    Whenever ANYONE questions the ‘coolness’ of the ukulele, I just pull up Taimaine’s TED performance and I don’t need to say any more! I love her style. Her ukulele just seems to merge with her and become her ‘voice’. It’s pure musical and artistic expression. I saw also when I was lucky enough to see BB King play live. It’s very special. Taimaine is the queen of the ukulele!


    Bit late to the game as we were in Italy on a short break 😊 super interesting video, I found it interesting that Taimaine composes from a melody first. Way back when I used to be profficient in flute I used to compose from the opposite way, so I’d take a concept and then try to add musicality to it. Always interesting to see how unique music appreciation and composition is to each person x


    Taimane’s answers, like her amazing performances, show that her artistry is natural, organic, and self-expressive. The fresh creative expression in her playing makes her performances an experience, new for every audience.


    I saw her perform live and was impressed by the passion she puts into her music as well as her skill.


    Over the last ~3 years I’ve watched a lot of Taimane on youtube and someday I’d really love to see her perform live. She’s got incredible ukulele skills, talent, speed and technique… but beyond all that she’s got so much natural artistry and great energy.

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