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    Live Stream: Tuesday, December 13th at 3:00pm EST (check your local time zone)


    Hey guys, we are back with Live Lesson EP049! This month’s topic is: 3 Ukulele Goals To Set For 2023.

    Kickoff 2023 with three practicing tips to maximize your ukulele growth!

    This month’s topic should stir up some great questions! So please post all you have below and I hope you guys join us for the live stream. 🙂



    Q: What happens in a live lesson, how long is it, and when does it occur?

    A: Live lessons are usually 30-45 minutes in length, but can extend until all questions are answered. The first 20 minutes will comprise of the lesson, while the next 10-25 minutes will be a Q&A session for premium members.

    Live lessons take place every second Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm EST (check your local time zone).

    Q: Can I submit questions beforehand?

    A: Absolutely! Basic and premium members are welcome to post questions that are related to the topic in THIS thread.

    Q: Who can watch the live stream, how do I watch it, and how do I chat with Matt and other members?

    A: Premium members will be able to tune in and watch the livestream. Premium members will also be able to chat live with Matt during the broadcast.

    To watch the live stream, simply navigate to the Live Lessons Page. You will see a YouTube video embedded on the page (if you don’t see it, double check that you are logged in).

    If you do not wish to participate in the live chat, you can stay on the page and watch the embedded video. If you do wish to participate in the live chat, you will need to sign up for a YouTube account (100% FREE).

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    For further clarification, here is a video showing how to do the above (for desktop).

    Q: I can’t make the broadcast. When will live streams be released publicly?

    A: The live lesson will be released for everyone to view the day after the broadcast (second Wednesday of the month). If you cannot make the broadcast, no worries; you’ll still be able to watch the lesson. Don’t forget that you can submit questions for Matt to answer beforehand (see the above FAQ).


    Ok great. I must learn to improvise this year. I already placed a request on the request list for the option to improvise using a certain scale as part of a challenge. I have a looper and would like to incorporate this with my new found hope of improvisation 😂


    My 3 Ukulele Goals would be:

    1. Learn at least 2 Fingerstyle arrangements that are above my play level. Break them down one bar at a time until I can play them.

    2. A lot of stuff I play is maybe 90% finished. But that final 10% would be a more polished performance. I’d like to revisit my ‘set list’ and put the cherry on the cake.

    3. Win the lottery. Move to Hawaii & buy ‘The Ukulele Site’. Play the Ukuleles all day with Corey (Fujimoto), Kalei (Gamiao) & any special guests who happen to be on the podcast 🙏🏻😂

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    December 9, 2022
    My goal is to learn the notes on the Ukulele playing ..
    1. Happy Birthday
    2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    ( learn the words to the above songs )

    and most importantly play the above songs by memory


    @surferjay, Jamming with Corey and Kalei would be amazing. They’re my faves. That’s why I need to start learning how to improv this year so that if ever given the chance I would be ready ☺️. Of course, it’s taken them 30,000 hrs to get where they are but we have to start somewhere 😂


    I hoped this would be the topic this month, so I tried to give this a good, solid think.

    My 3 (main) uke goals for 2023:

    1. Strummin’. Learn to strum better than a poorly trained capuchin monkey.

    2. Play uke in front of others more often, and in other places besides my chamber of solitude and secret melodies.

    3. Create a chord melody that can be classified as “neat.”

    Also… Start a blog, so that all ‘this’ wayward energy can go there. 😂😅

    Thank you so much for a crazy fun and enlightening year! Gaaaaaaeeeel! Oh sorry wrong page …


    Just watched this on YouTube. What an actual gentleman Matt is and the advice provided was super informative and insightful.

    We are so lucky to have such great mentors 😎🙏🏻


    Yes this was a good episode. Matt said I need to work on melodies and I was like, “how do I do that? What is a melody?” 😂🤣😂🤣🥴🥴🥴 I’m totally serious. If anyone wants to elaborate I’m all ears.


    @surferjay, completely agree! Matt is the best, an actual gem. I look forward to these lessons each month because they’re so much fun and so informative. There’s so many little musical delights of truth packed in each lesson. 😊

    , so the melody is notes that would be sung in any song. So, the melody in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is the notes that go along with the words. The harmony is all the notes that go along with that. I mean… Is that how you could explain it? What the heck do I know? 😂😅🥺

    , what is a melody? Haaaalp.


    Wow love seeing all these goals. I have a few but I will have to agree with @gi_gi_ to learn improvisation – I can’t do that at all yet. And @The_bumble_Bard, playing in front of people – yikes I just don’t have that confidence yet. This is why RC101 is so encouraging. The slightest positive response or even a like on YouTube makes me smile. And @surferjay your entries are awesome but winning the lottery would be nice and playing a uke all day in Hawaii sounds pretty amazing!

    your goals are perfect and I know you will be sharing a video of a song in the new year.
    My 2 Cents on melody, I agree with @The_bumble_bard. If you have a group singing 3 part harmony – the lead would be the person singing the melody. I think that is correct???
    Wish all of you Chatty Ukers a great holiday!!! 🙂


    Thanks guys. I know what a melody is but then again I think I don’t in the context he mentioned in the video. When he said learn the melody of a few songs then that’ll help you….and how that helped him on the Podcast. That left me stumped. How would learning melodies from an un-related song help you to improvise?


    @gi_gi_ I would think that every new melody one would learn helps paint that canvas with new musical expressions. Perhaps that is what he meant.


    @leb397 I know these little gems would be the best way to approach the Ukulele from a complete beginner Ukulele player. As a parent who watch my daughter approach a song, it was always the melody notes that stuck with me. The chords will come in place. My goal, because I’m not good at singing, but I’m a storyteller that sings like talking on my tunes, I want to blend in fingerpicking with the melodies. I hope to find that path soon. Thank you for reading my post.


    @gi_gi_ – because learning melodies tells your fingers what patterns work in different keys. That way you can fall into those patterns without having to think about it intellectually, because you don’t have time for that kind of stuff.


    @gi_gi_ Exactly what @robinboyd said. Matt said in a previous podcast that one of the ‘tools’ of improvising is to have a number of patterns ‘ready to go’. Sort of an Arsenal of patterns that Guitarists call ‘Licks’ (I think).

    So if you learn the different scales, some ‘licks’, and thrown in a bit of luck (I mean improv haha) you can create a nice sound on the fly.. People will think you’ve made it up on the spot and you can claim you have but you’ve really rehearsed those ‘licks’ 20 times and blended it in the right key haha.

    Joking aside you do find yourself improvising but it’s definitely useful to have a few goto ‘licks’ to fill in the gaps.

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