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    my name’s David. I am from Germany, 34 years old.
    As the title says I like Punk Rock and I’ve been playing electric guitar for about 20 years.

    I already had a ukulele maybe 10 years ago. But it was garbage and I didn’t really get started. I received a new ukulele as a christmas gift in 2018 and play it pretty much everyday now (RC101 motivated me with a few songs). It is a concert ukulele and I already consider buying a tenor as well.

    I am very bad at music notation. A few weeks ago I didn’t even know what a dotted note is. But I already created several own arrangements with Guitar Pro Tabs, often with trial and error and a lot of patience. I haven’t found a place in the forum yet where people share their arrangements/tabs? Is there something like that?

    Have a good day!


    Hi David, welcome to this awesome group.
    I think you may need a Fender style uke to rock on!
    Iggy Pop goes well on the uke, and just about anything can be done with the right plug-ins.


    Welcome, David! Stoked to hear that the tunes on here motivated you, that’s so awesome! You can definitely share what you are working on in this forum. I’d highly encourage you to check out our reading course. That’s going to be one of the best ways for you to improve upon your notation skills.

    And buy this book! It’s amazing for learning notation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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